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Health Oasis Resort is a
Wellness Detox Spa Retreat located on the beachfront of the tropical island
of Koh Samui in southeast Thailand.

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Our Detox Wellness Spa retreat in Koh Samui Thailand offers high quality Health Programs & Services

Our Health Spa specializes since 1997 in fasting & colon cleansing detox & weight loss retreats at very affordable
(US$ 1 = approx 30 Thai baht) Convert to your

Our current Wellness Spa Retreat Promotions.


It is understandable that the decision on which detox program to choose can be overwhelming given the quantity of the centres. From our side what we can tell you is what we do best.

We operate since 1997 when we were one of only 7 detox centres worldwide & only 2 in Thailand. Therefore our expertise serving over 10,000 detox guests over those years is invaluable.

Additionally our beachfront location is spectacular and makes it the most attractive detox centre location worldwide.

Our low prices can be easily compared with other centres making us one of the best values money can buy, given the richness of our programs.

Finally utilizing our long experience we have developed highly sophisticated fasting detox & weight loss programs that differ from all other in Samui, Thailand and worldwide in many aspects and very important ones. See below:

PSYLLIUM POWDER instead of husks for better blending THICK BENTONITE for total detox debris extraction SPIRULINA: organically grown, provides over 100 vital nutrients: amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes GUARANA: tonifies & provides extra energy OXYGEN MAGNESIUM DRINKS: detoxifies small intestine prior to colon cleanse, accelerating deep tissue detox by at least 2 days CHLOROPHYLL: accelerates blood purification JUICE MINERAL DRINKS: taken every 90 min stabilizes blood sugar, prevents dehydration and supplies constant flow of vitamin C, LIQUID HERBAL TINCTURES instead of tablets or capsules which can not and should not be digested during a fasting detox . A combination of well known American Indian , Chinese & Latin American herbs to stimulate the organ functions of liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, heart, circulatory & lymphatic system and accelerate weight loss when is needed by the body SUBLINGUALLY TAKEN HERBS: placed under the tongue for direct absorption into the bloodstream, avoiding stomach upsets and making fasting smoother STABILIZED OXYGEN SPRAY: direct sublingual absorption into the bloodstream COLLOIDAL SILVER: boosts immune system and accelerates cellular detoxification OCEAN TRACE MINERALS: gives metabolic enzymes equilibrium and ensures proper hydration AROMATHERAPY OILS SPRAY: for healing emotional imbalances HERBAL TONIC: for stamina and high spirits - male or female versions H2O2 SPRAY: oxygen absorption through the skin assists the lungs and lymphatic system to detoxify H2O2 IN COLONICS: disinfects and highly oxygenates water, changing vibrational quality and molecular structure TIMING OF COLONICS: Optimally timed every 12-16 hours in order to be ultimately effective COLONIC WATER TEMPERATURE: slightly cooler than body temperature, invigorating the colon muscle and making it easier to retain water longer INTESTINAL FLORA IMPLANT: rectally implanted very concentrated replacement of “good” bacteria, so it won’t leak or be expelled, staying and multiplying in the large intestine SKIN BRUSHING: discards dead skin, detoxifies the body via the pores of the skin stimulates blood circulation & clears the aura HERBAL STEAM: An essential wellness method that detoxifies lungs and lymph system through the skin and accelerates weight loss TASTE BALANCE: supplements and drinks vibrationally activate all 5 chinese medicine elements in rotation POLARITY “ZAPPING”: activates the thymus gland, which controls the immune system and eliminates parasites VIBRATIONAL BLOOD CLEANSING Bob Beck´s based device OZONE THERAPY transdermally is also included in our weight-loss programs “ REIKI ENERGIZING” OF THE HERBS: intention and love, as well as the ingredients, help to accelerate healing FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: suitable for early or late risers, you can stay at the Center or go out and have your colonics at any time you choose following the 1½ hour biological cycle DEEP TISSUE DETOX: starts after 12 hours, instead of around 2 days in all other fasting colon cleansing programs which don’t cleanse the small intestine before start taking psyllium shakes which boosts weight loss among a range of several wellness benefits

FASTING DETOX & COLONIC CLEANSING EXPERTISE: Designed by Mel Loverh , the founder of Health Oasis Resort Spa in Koh Samui, Thailand, who has fasted for many hundreds of days over the last 15 years, experimented with most techniques, systems and products , interviewed by CNN, STAR TV and an 8 episode reality TV show produced by ENDEMOL (also produced Fear factor, Big brother, Survivor) and aired in Dutch TV as well as a number of health & professional publications and has facilitated thousands of fasters over the last 16 years in Koh Samui Thailand

WE are one of the LONGEST ESTABLISHED DETOX FASTING & WEIGHT LOSS SPA RETREATS WORLWIDE operating since 1997 We are the only fasting detox spa & wellness retreat in Thailand licensed by the Health Dept as a TRADITIONAL MEDICINE HOSPITAL License No. 160 41/2543 and one of a handful in the country and we obtained and maintain that license since 1999


Also available is a vegetarian restaurant and many health products and take away kits.


Health Oasis Resort in Koh Samui Thailand is a health & wellness spa resort offering detox fasting & weight loss retreats. It is a project of its parent holding company H.E.A.L International Foundation NV.

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