Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss myths, common mistakes and more

There are many weight loss myths and mistakes commonly made that we hope to shed some light on.

Body Weight is gained as part an immune reaction to protect the body from systemic organ damage. When toxicity of any kind, whether alimentary, physical, environmental, emotional, karmic or existential becomes overwhelming, our immune system encapsulates it into fat cells and other inflamed formations like edemas, cysts or tumors, so it does not threaten the entire organism. However the tendency is almost always that the toxicity proliferates, compromising our organism in an increasing scale.

From a quantum physics perspective, the increased weight is a reconfiguration of our energy matrix spinning more gravitational fields and less photon light fields.

The increased gravitational fields are usually the result of the expanding toxic habitat which vibrates on a different more dense energy frequency. 

Weight can also be theoretically increased by muscle growth but lean muscle growth that replaces fat does not register as increased body weight. If it does, then it hides extra fat somewhere. 

Therefore you should not address weight as an issue of aesthetic appearance or social conformity. 

Neither your will power nor any external magic solution can remove excess weight, as long as it is an integral part of a perpetual intoxicated habitat. Even when you temporarily succeed to shed part of it, the chances are that excess weight will creep back again, having you puzzled why.

Excess Weight is toxicity wisely stored for our protection. You would be dead without this mechanism, so be grateful for your weight gain that protects you.

Now, you only need to decide how much toxicity you really need in your life – because you will keep some – but decide how much you actually consciously choose rather than be an unaware subject to its proliferation.

Excess Weight loss in a permanent sustainable way passes through a simple road. Detoxification

Detoxification addresses the core issue of the removal of the toxic habitat, which hides in fat cells. So of course you do shed weight but as a by-product, not as a goal.

Don’t make the weight loss a goal because it can never be. 

You will always get the benefits of weight loss when you detoxify and recalibrate your metabolic system, your ATP production, retraining your body how to eliminate toxicity. 

In that way excess weight will serve no purpose and won’t return.

If it does return though, it means that you are intoxicating again in some of the above ways, alimentary, physical, environmental, emotional, karmic or existential so again don’t focus on the weight gain but rather on the intoxication source.

When you come to the Health Oasis Resort for a weight loss program, keep all this in mind because you would not misinterpret the toxic resistance with your lack of will power. 

You will instead align yourself with your true goal of been healthy, vibrant and discover how to be contributing to this world your gifts.

“The elimination diet: remove anger, regret, resentment, guilt, blame and worry. Then, watch your health, and life, improve.”

Charles F. Glassman

Weight Loss is a multi-faceted issue. There are many weight loss myths circulating the internet, and many mistakes commonly made. For some the weight loss is a genetic predisposition, for others it’s related to diet, lack of adequate exercise, environmental toxicity and for others is based primarily on purely psychological or emotional reasons. Of course all the above reasons start interacting between each other, aggravating the situation making a solution more complex.

Common weight loss myths include most diet systems, pills or even exercise regimes, and that they will have long lived success. One thing is certain though. No matter which system we choose, we need to create the conditions for a better operating bodily system with the organs functioning at optimal levels which in turn creates better hormonal balance. The hormones are responsible for our emotional wellbeing and a neurotransmitter balance of dopamine and serotonin. This balance boosts our endorphin levels which are responsible for our psychological wellbeing and mental clarity.

If someone can address all the above simultaneously, this will achieve the desired result. Nevertheless our worst enemy is our own self sabotage. Although we claim we want something, it is not uncommon to have sub and unconscious layers of our being that believes otherwise. This inner conflict is self-destructive and is often a causative factor behind our “failures” so as to say.

This is not new age, feel good mumbo jumbo, or another of the many ‘weight loss myths’, it actually originates from various people’s direct experience with our detox programs. They have found that the detox can facilitate simultaneously a bodily cleanse, an emotional cleanse and also a natural mental & spiritual high, giving the entire system the opportunity to repair itself with minimal interference. During a detox, even our self-sabotaging mechanisms are not adequate to block and interrupt that healing. A new reality becomes entrenched into our DNA and serves as a point of reference to save us from destruction and self destruction.


The point that you need to consider more than anything else is that being overweight causes an enormous overall strain on your entire health. When your body is malfunctioning, the weight is actually the least of the problems and really only a manifestation of that malfunction. The fat, sugar and water are all processed by the organs and glands. So nobody can ensure you how much weight will lose through a detox program or for how much time you can sustain that weight loss. It depends on the factors as mentioned in the beginning and the amount and reasons behind any internal conflict and self sabotage that we all carry anyway.

What is certain though is that a detox experience would be the best investment you will contribute towards your health and one of the most sustainable methods to retrain your body and mind to process substances and emotions and thoughts in a more efficient way which in turn will have a great impact on your weight. You may need a few programs, perhaps once every 4-8 months before the results become permanent but eventually will become permanent and in a healthy way rather than an artificial manner that ignores the overall balance of the body and mind.

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