Light & Sound therapies

Light & Sound therapies

Light Therapies

Bio-photonic private treatments

60 minutes

A unique blend of Photonic Light therapy, Chinese Meridian principles & Homeopathy
administered by our operator in a private session room

Cost: 2,950 THB

Packages of - 3: 2,450 THB/each X 3
Packages of -  5+: 1,950 /each X 5+

The therapy neutralizes incoherent chaotic photonic fields PLUS photo-multiplies coherent ordered light into your photonic field – while emitting the photonic signatures of homeopathic remedies, using Chinese meridian pathways& magnified by Sound healing.

Coherent Light transmission spreads across the atomic, molecular & cellular level, addressing the fundamental light imbalances on the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus , thyroid, parathyroid, thymus & adrenal glands – which in that sequence control every other system and organ. 

These glands are what light uses as governors of all bodily biochemical  functions & without their photonic balancing, physical & emotional imbalances, relapse onto their entrenched patterns.

Can only be repeated after 3 days – for maximum absorption.

Photonic Activation Light & Sound therapies

A 60-minutes set of 4 sessions self-administered under our staff guidance

Cost: 2,950 THB/each

Packages of - 3: 2,450 THB/each X 3
Packages of - 5+: 1,950 /each X 5+

Intense full-spectrum light, balances the endocrine system, particularly the serotonin & melatonin levels, relieves depression, insomnia, inertia, lack of focus.

The pineal gland is our photonic link with the cosmos and is the master gland instructing the hypothalamus & pituitary glands to operate the neurotransmitter, hormonal & immune systems.

Tachyons are photons “travelling faster than light”. What it means is that information from the “ future’ fuses with information from the ”past” – in order to generate light in the present. Light is a handshake between photons & tachyons. Tachyonic activation brings to the present where we have already gone before we actually do it. A sneak preview of the future- which we designed but forgotten & buried in the past.

Stimulates the brain to emit its own alpha, theta, delta, epsilon, gamma & lambda brain waves – integrating cognition.

The photonic activation of your light coherence will start its transformative work instantly but that light coherence would first align your nuclear/ionic state, then your atomic state, then the molecular & finally the cellular one.

Light therapies are not causing immediate cure of symptoms, because these deep therapies do not focus on the removal or the masking of specific symptoms – but instead a systemic equilibrium, no matter of the type of imbalance.

Physical detox & lifestyle changes will support the conversion of gravitational space which will be penetrated by photonic fields.

Healing will unfold in subtle but irreversible ways. It will take lots of effort and time to reverse light coherency back into chaotic one.

Any 2 of the above 4 sessions could be chosen as a session of 30 minutes (instead of 15)

Far Infrared Light sessions

In contrast to a normal sauna or steam which only opens the skin pores & enters 3 mm – Far infrared light emits a 9.6 micron frequency, entering 4 cm inside cellular tissue & detoxifying deeply.

Cells are stimulated to respond back to that frequency by internally generating heat. The sweating that occurs during far infrared session is intense (and in small droplets)  although the external temperature is only 48 degrees Celsius (in contrast to sauna/steam  where it exceeds 80 degrees)

Cost: 950 THB – 30 min

Packages of - 3: 2,550 THB or 5: 3,750 THB or 10: 6,500THB

Crystal Light + Reiki + Sound healing sessions

Crystals are the best ( if not the only material substance) that captures, stores & emits light frequencies. They have a powerful healing effect on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual body. Magnified by Reiki healing & Acoustic Sound bath.

Cost: 2,950 THB – 60 min

Packages of - 3: 2,700 THB/each X 3 Packages of - 5+: 2,450 THB /each X 5+

Sound healing sessions

Sound Healing vibrations enable you to go into the deeply altered state (the alpha-delta brainwave state) in which healing is stimulated. When a person is nourished with the right kind of sound, the billions of cells in his body start to vibrate & reorganize themselves according to the essence blueprint, in a state of healthy being. It  works on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level.

Choices of:

  • Vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls and Reiki (60 min) – 2,750 THB
  • Chakra balancing Sound Bath + Brain Entrainment (60 min) – 2,750 THB
  • Immersive Gong Bath (60 min) – 2,900 THB
  • Group Sound healing (60 min) – 900 THB
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