Our Detox Manifesto



There is truly no distinction between disease & healing

  • Everything is healing – in the sense of life seeking to create a more optimal structure.
  • Disease is a chaotic breakdown of an old inefficient order/structure – serving as an opportunity for reordering/restructuring/healing.
  • Just like physical exercise destroys muscle tissue in order to build a better one, or like fasting destroys unutilized deposits in order to build more efficient metabolism – it is good & healthy to become temporarily destabilized or even ill – in order to become better stabilized, immunized & healthier.
  • However that applies only to the temporary – not the chronic.
  • When a disease/breakdown persists – it creates its own fixed structure and becomes resistant to change, seeking to perpetuate itself by identifying with it as its sole reality.
  • It does so, by establishing a permanent & increasing breakdown/dissolution causing a chronic immune system compromising – and as result the regeneration mechanism gets increasingly inhibited.
  • Yet, even a longer duration disease, offers an opportunity of change because it increases the stakes – the more severe the disease, the more deep the change can potentially be.
  • Healing cancer can totally transform the psyche on a very deep level.
  • But it is a high risk to wait till reaching that advanced state, because there are physical gravitational limits even to that stakes-increase.
  • Both the pain & the potential reward simultaneously magnify, making a change more challenging.
  • When anything, even the most noble pursuits, become permanently fixed & static – inertia, putrification & lack of energy flow develops.

When detoxification intervention becomes necessary

  • When our system’s equilibrium, is compromised and malfunctions with excessive built-up accumulated, without adequate & prompt dissolution, is when we need to intervene by active detoxification, in order to reestablish that equilibrium.
  • Yet the approach should be one of letting go – rather than an attempt of change.
  • Let’s not forget that toxicity build up may indicate a resistance to accept & integrate deeper new information that our inner being has requested & authorized.
  • We are somehow familiar with the importance of physical detox and emotional detox.
  • We are gradually recognizing the significance of mental detox & may wonder about spiritual detox.
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