Our Detox Manifesto



  • Even if your primary focus is placed on resolving a physical or emotional disequilibrium, it is highly recommended to read through the following sections – because any physical or emotional or mental issue can be resolved faster and deeper from the top-down, from the spiritual photonic layer.
  • No physical or emotional balance can be “gained” – unless a mental or spiritual imbalance is consensually “lost”, let go, detoxified.

About Nuclear Ionic/Spiritual Photonic Detox

  • In the nuclear ionic layer of reality there is nucleus in an ionic state with no attached electrons to form atoms and spacetime yet.
  • This is the realm of pure creation – ruled by abstract mathematics.
  • Nuclear creation is formed on the nuclear ionic level – and governed by the strong nuclear force.
  • This is where lies the threshold between:
  • a nuclear identity of primordial creation, separated spatially from the quantum source – sustained by the strong nuclear force AND
  • the dissolution of any illusionary identity, into the spaceless quantum omni potential of quark-gluon plasma – sustained by the weak nuclear force.
  • In the nuclear state, creation is born & seeks to discover itself – by eventually fusing electrons with the nucleus & forming atomic level imagined identity simulations.
  • Yet rather than recognizing its omnipresent quantum existential identity – is instead seeking to discover its identity by forming atomic-compound, functionality-simulations and selecting one as its devised existential identity.
  • In a nuclear ionic detox, we nuclearly-implode the distinction and separation of space between “self” & “other” – allowing a neutralization between strong & weak nuclear forces, a coexistence of the photonic quantum omni-potential & the undifferentiated creation.
  • That neutralization (which to state it more accurately is a dynamic equilibrated pulsation between existence & non-existence), is a key element of the photonic quantum & all its manifestations across space.

Polarity & duality serve as a mechanism of 2 forces seeking to be synthesized & fused in order to create a 3rd one, to give birth to a new more optimal energy expression.

  • Space rather than having a physical existence – is instead a photonic quantum invention, an algorithm code to process the creation expressions of the quantum. All attempts of science to understand the universe in terms of space are futile and this is why we struggle in developing quantum computing – because we still trying to capture the infinite in finite terms. We can only capture & measure some of its fractional manifestations in space.
  • It also becomes clear, that time is a space extension, a coordinate-local-space arrangement, bending space in convex & concave spins and producing “forward or backward” time experiences of “future possibilities or past memories”.
  • That brings us to the power & wisdom of the proverbial “here & now”. Although it is more accurate the phrase it as “everywhere & always” – because space & time definitions do not truly apply.
  • Incinerating the nuclear layer of the illusion of separateness, return us to the quantum photonic source.
  • The recognition that there is “no need to be something or someone”, separated from anything else – and there is “no need to try to do something” – is the ultimate detox and that happens between the nuclear ionic level & the spaceless-timeless, subatomic, photonic quantum state of Consciousness.
  • Just like “creation itself” is the source of any creative process, selecting the vehicles (us included) of its optimal expression – equally any task is accomplished by itself as a phenomenon, guiding its facilitators (us included) towards its optimal implementation.
  • It’s a huge liberation from the illusion that we are personally responsible for anything and we may succeed or fail, gain or lose anything  – because we recognize that we are quantumly responsible for everything in a zero-sum game.
  • Responsibility takes an entirely different liberating meaning of all-inclusiveness.
  • Yet, Not been attached to a separate existential identity does not compromise our human functionality. On the contrary, it enriches it because it draws instantly, all optimal simulations from the entire photonic quantum field spectrum.
  • Then, creation becomes a celebration of its underlying photonic quantum identity – without even the need to assign meaning to it. It is like a work of pure art, that has no reason to exist other than celebration.
  • The recognition of the holographic interconnection of everything, gives rise to an appreciation of everything – which brings an effortless sense of deep gratitude & an irresistible desire of generosity – to share unconditionally our energy, resources, time, feelings.
  • Gratitude is the deepest expression of that recognition– without a specific definition of who is grateful to whom or what, or even why.
  • Just gratitude. The more openly-universally, this gratitude is felt – the deeper its energetic impact.
  • This is where true Love emerges as the deepest bonding force behind any feelings & knowing. All-feelings and all-knowing reveal itself as One.

It all about Light

  • The omnipresence of the Quantum Light is carried spacelessly & timelessly by photonic fields.
  • Brilliantly captured in Spanish & Portuguese, “giving birth” is called “Dar a Luz” – meaning giving/offering/donating to the Light. Life’s creation is a donation offering to its fundamental photonic quantum source.
  • In ancient Greek the word for creation means “the action/work that is offered/shared with the others/public/collective”
  • All mystical traditions have identified this, with perhaps the most clear being the Hebrew old testament talking about God declaring at the beginning of creation ”Let there be Light”.
  • In ancient Greek, the word for light means “what is revealed/seen/manifested”.
  • In the nuclear state, creation is born & seeks to discover its identity – by eventually fusing electrons with the nucleus & forming atomic-level, functional-identity simulations – instead of recognizing & remembering its quantum-photonic existential identity .
  • If we look into inception, conception & pregnancy period of a human being – when a new life possibility is incepted is pure light and when it is actually conceived it starts its journey from pure energy towards matter. Starting from no mass/weight at conception, in 8 weeks a fetus weighs 20 grs, in 26 weeks about 1kg and at birth about 3.5 kgs.

The body of a newborn human is 5% gravitational weight mass and 95% photonic light. By the time a child reaches 9 years it is 50%-50% and by the age of 16 reaches its adult weight and is primarily ruled by gravitational forces.

  • A very old age or a immune-compromised physical body, leans even further towards the gravitational field while depletes its light field – until physical death occurs by releasing the gravitational field back to the quantum light field – in a black hole mode. This in terms of physics is done by a space curving in a concave direction (caving inwards)
  • After birth, this is what young children – of all species animal or plant – do. They are temporarily floating in a hybrid triple-state between cellular-molecular-atomic realities, with a primarily liquid identity, yet to be discovered or devised.
  • Children although they have a fully-fledged atomic/mental/soul blueprint, their molecular/emotional composure is still fluid and their gravitational/cellular structure has barely began.
  • This is why children’s energetic contribution in their early years is so essential – because they still carry all

the photonic quantum information, not only of themselves but of the entire quantum world.

  • We are basically a light frequency expressed as matter – when chosen to.
  • Fundamentally, spiritual detox is achieved by the activation of our photonic field of existence – which is not separate from any “other” photonic field but a holographically-unified one.
  • Consistently & frequently practiced physical detox,
  • pierce “upwards” through the molecular/emotional, then atomic/mental & finally nuclear/spiritual layers,
  • to activate our photonic quantum field – by shedding the illusion of separate identity,
  • while optimizing “downwards” the quantum source’s functionality across all kingdoms & species –
  • and lastly but inevitably – optimizing our human functionality as a by-product of the quantum photonic activation.
  • Depending on the degree of unconditional selfless surrender to our quantum nature, an added bonus occurs: a corresponding degree reset of our ionic & atomic arrangements, cause an acceleration & optimization of our molecular & cellular compositions – but only when it is not a desired conditionally expected aim.

All toxicity is spiritual toxicity

Any sort of toxicity is fundamentally a spiritual toxicity.

  • It is caused by the fundamental belief – that there is spatial separation in life.
  • A belief that we exist separate from other people and other forms of life – therefore we need to defend our separate existence through validation of that separateness.
  • It is a mere confusion of identifying with a Creative Diversified Functionality – rather than our Unified Quantum Omnipresent Existence.
  • Our perception of the universe even in traditional physics is still a spatially-based belief. We still talk about the speed of light as a fundamental constant.
  • Rather than believing that Light travels – should recognize that simply IS – spacelessly & timelessly.

We can only measure the space it covers in a certain time frame – only if we consider spacetime as a fundamental constant axiom – which has been obliterated by quantum physics.

  • Same principle applies to the “light transmission”. Rather than believing that light is received or sent, we should recognize – that it simply activates its existence upon attention/demand/invocation.
  • All light detection is an inner omnipresent light activation. It is even scientifically proven that photons coexist in a quantum superposition state – irrelevant of space or time.
  • What if the well-known equation E=mc2 is just a partial interpretation of light behavior in our specific Earth-based spacetime?

What if universally speaking it is instead E=m (c+ plus c-) ? It is still c2 but not quite. 

What if the equalization/neutralization of photons (moving in one direction-forward & tachyons moving in the opposite direction-backwards) better explains the omni-nature of light appearance?

What if light appears as “a hand shake” between photonic & tachyonic motions been neutralized in space & time? Meaning that light can be revealed only when the 2 forces agree to equalize?

What if we can similarly presume that even the sun’s light, rather than being unilaterally transmitted from an external gravitational body towards the earth – is instead an activation of the earth’s inner photonic field  and the appearance of light is a mutual agreement of resonance with the inner light of the sun?

  • If we emit an alpha or delta brainwave frequency to our body, our body emits the same frequency back.
  • If we transmit a far-infrared light signal towards our body, our body’s cells resonate with it and emit its own far-infrared light.
  • That obliterates the distinction between transmitter & receiver.
  • It is always a mutual resonant activation that triggers the appearance of an event.
  • A physical sensation or ailment, is no more than an emotional pattern chosen to revalidate an imaginarily invented mental belief, which is further chosen to revalidate an illusionary existential separateness.

How we validate Separateness

  1. We validate that nuclear belief of separation from our quantum source through:
  • Devising a series of fixed mental beliefs to validate that nuclear belief
  1. Then we validate those mental beliefs through a rotation of:
  • Assuming power & control of ourself & others/circumstances

– in EITHER certain life areas OR at certain times


  • Losing power & control of ourself & others/circumstances

– in EITHER certain life areas OR at certain times

  • This rotation is constant because each excessive action triggers its opposing one.
  1. We then rotate emotionally between:
  • Feeling empowered by our inner will & external successes – feeling superior & arrogant


  • Feeling disempowered by our inner lack of will & externally caused failures – feeling guilt OR victimization & blame
  1. We finally perpetuate physical sensations between:
  • Pain & Reward in order to reaffirm and keep alive the underlying emotional patterns, their underlying mental beliefs and the ultimate underlying nuclear belief of separation from our quantum identity.
  • This rotation is constant because each excessive experience of pain or reward  triggers its opposing one.
  • A “problem” appears in our perception, because of a molecular/atomic/nuclear choice made, to be mesmerized by it and then buy time to “solve” it. In reality we don’t want to solve it – at least not yet – because that spoils the game of by striving-living in time & space separation.
  • A “problem” cannot find its “solution” by searching for it – just like a solution cannot find what problem is supposed to solve. They both, only perceive & are trapped in their own fragmented reality, being unable to recognize the other one – if horizontally-viewed. Their polarity becomes a conundrum, until they vertically triangulate with a 3rd point which neutralizes both and synthesizes them. That 3rd point is the quantum.
  • “Problems” are “resolved” when we drop them by returning to our quantum nature – which shines light on what they serve underneath.
  • Our emotions of frustration, anxiety, fear, despair, arrogance & loathing – are manifestations of that constant battle to validate the underlying atomic level beliefs selected out of all potential simulations present in the nuclear ionic level.
  • This battle though, only exists in spacetime experience. Each diversified fractional spatial expression of the whole, develops a competitive identity, battling with other fractional spatial expressions for control, domination & validation of its existence.
  • Rather than recognizing the holographic quantum nature of our existence – we are instead constantly battling against imaginary enemies outside of our imaginary atomic mental identity.
  • This becomes in effect an auto-immune battle, against our inner quantum nature – which affects adversely our thoughts and consequently our emotions & physical sensations.

That belief of separateness trickles down:

  • from the spiritual nuclear/ionic realm of plasma– governed by the strong nuclear force,
  • to the mental atomic realm of air-like ideograms/thought forms –  governed by the electrical force,
  • then to the emotional molecular realm of liquid feelings – governed by the magnetic force,
  • and finally to the physical cellular realm of solid physical sensations – governed by the gravitational force.

In a nutshell our nuclear existential belief of separation, fuels our other major & minor fixed mental beliefs, which fuel our emotional patterns, which store on our physical body.

Why Separateness is an illusion

There are 2 important considerations to reflect upon:

  • A. Cellularly-speaking, our original stem cells at birth – in every subsequent cell division & progenitor specialization, also make a copy of their stem-selves.
  • This is a timeless reference point serving us – to whatever degree we allow it to be revealed – having a corresponding impact to the level of our overall cellular health.
  • Now the same principle applies to all layers down to the subatomic nuclear ionic level.
  • Every quark of the nucleus is an undifferentiated  “stem”of the quantum whole.
  • All the quarks form atoms, by attracting electrons – they are the “progenitor” specializations/expressions of the quantum.
  • B. The entire quantum universe switches off and on, every nanosecond.
  • The whole world as we perceive it dies off instantly, together with all trillions of other nuclear/ionic & atomic simulations.
  • Even the omnipresent Quantum detoxifies – in the sense of letting go/surrendering its omnipresence.
  • It consciously causes its brief nanosecond-long unconsciousness, falling into a self-oblivion, forgetting & detaching from its quantumness – for the sake of creation manifestation.
  • Creation is the conscious oblivion/detoxification of the quantum’s omnipresence.
  • The entire Universal Consciousness detoxifies by default every nanosecond and is rebooted/rebuilt.
  • When the quantum universe reboots, we – on a nuclear level – choose the specialized progenitor memory imprint, lastly chosen – rather than the original quantum quark stem-identity which is also simultaneously rebooted.
  • This occurs out of pure inert habit – in absence of new instructions on the nuclear level & out of ignorance/oblivion of the “stem quark” existence – an oblivion caused by the birthing creation.
  • Yet, from Quantum Consciousness perspective, this is an illusion which can be reversed anytime we become even briefly aware of it.
  • Quantum Consciousness dissolves & reboots in spacetime every “Planck constant nanosecond” and the default rebooting gravitates towards the last nuclear memory instruction – which revalidate:
  • the mental/atomic/electrical beliefs – leading to
  • the emotional/molecular/magnetic distorted feelings & revalidated AND
  • finally their physical/cellular/gravitational storing.
  • This default mechanism can be neutralized, when we let go the nuclear belief of separateness by accessing the threshold of the simultaneous quantum omnipresence AND nuclear creation.
  • Then there is no distinction between quantum wholeness & diversified creation.

The reverse healing journey starts from the physical awareness

  • The stored information on our physical body – although is originating from our molecular, atomic & nuclear terrains – it constantly revalidates them and interferes with the recognition of the nuclear illusion of separateness.
  • Physical awareness, is the most efficient way to detoxify that interference, because any spiritual unity experience or mental electrical insight we may sporadically experience, quickly fades away because it cannot be materially (molecularly & cellularly) supported & revalidated.
  • Only when those physically stored instructions are dissolved to an adequate degree – anything new can be built in their place.
  • Everything in space, maintains a direct link to the quantum. I.e. water simultaneously coexist in solid, liquid & gaseous state at the exact temperature of 0.01 degrees Celsius – having no distinct state definition, which is called the Triple point. This a quantum superposition quality.

This is also a coexistence of all the possible conversions between the 3 states solidification, fusion, liquefaction, evaporation, sublimation and condensation.

  • We can reasonably assume that this may include ionization & deionization to/from the nuclear/ionic plasma state, effectively having a Quadrupled Point – across the entire creation.
  • Most likely all physical matter possess this hybrid behavior between states – just not discovered yet.
  • Certain geographical space locations on the planet (called power vortices) have consistently demonstrated an abnormal behavior – because they serve as energy gates between the material space & the quantum energy world.
  • Communication between 2 points in space is not done horizontally – but instead vertically in a triangulation mode – uploading information from the 1st spatial point to the quantum and then downloading them to the 2nd spatial point, like a satellite transmission. We already know that satellite transmission is fastest way to transmit information across earth space points.
  • Whenever we experience a significant “change” in our lives, spatially-speaking we move in space laterally/sideways (not linearly back/forth), activating a parallel simulated reality.
  • Yet that lateral motion – rather than happening in an horizontal way – is instead happening in a vertical way – by uploading & downloading to a different spatial coordinate point.

        It appears like a change – but is in fact a new birth of another simulation.

  • This is why it doesn’t matter how frustrating, difficult, depressing or futile our current reality (individually & collectively) may seem. Because everything resets every nanosecond, there is always the possibility & opportunity of a new downloaded reality – which does not battle with the “existing” because the “existing” is already dead and any new one can be freely selected – depending on the self-restrictions of our atomic & nuclear level belief systems.

What does the Quantum Light Source measure

  • The Quantum Light source assess our particular consent, awareness, participation & contribution – optimizing its functionality at all layers.
  • When something, anything, is born/created/appear – everything else die/dissolved/disappear.
  • Yet nothing is truly born or died as an existence – just appears or disappears from our conscious choice.
  • Quantum energy is always directed towards whatever a dominant focus is placed upon, irrelevant of whichever imaginary “identity” invokes its deployment.
  • The degree of the perceived separation from the quantum light, determines the success of that deployment.
  • The more selfless that need is – the easier and more powerfully is granted.
  • Because it is not a mere desire declaration that drives it – but instead a perceived urgent need which involves distinct degrees of inner honesty.
  • The Quantum always listens to any form of life which invokes its presence and grants wisdom, peace & love – yet rewards not our desires but instead our inner honesty.
  • This is why the simplified Christian concept of “asking for redemption” is so powerful. Because it is an honest recognition of a “sin”/disequilibrium and an active honest choice of detaching from it, letting it go and surrendering to the omni-potency of the divine quantum will.
  • The Quantum “cannot read” negative statements of aversion – what we don’t want.
  • Also “cannot read” positive statements of desire – what we want.
  • It instead reads the quantitative energetic charge of whichever activated focus – and reinforces it through positive-negative polarities in order to attain equilibrium – all within the framework of which layer is asking and what it would ultimately serve.
  • Contradiction is imaginary. Equilibrium lies behind everything that is and is not. Behind anything that exists & does not. It is a dynamic synthesis of whichever 2 complementary forces.
  • The distinction between existence & non-existence is imaginary, an illusion.
  • Whenever we identify a disequilibrium, it is energetically futile to try to fix it by rejecting it and siding in favor of “equilibrium”. That does not promote true equilibrium. Instead, reinforces the disequilibrium because any kind of denial, judgment, aversion, protest OR affirmation, hope, desire, expectation – triggers a more intense polarization & separation.
  • It is the neutralization activation, by dropping both desire & aversion and surrendering to the 3rd force of synthesis that does the trick of true unbiased equilibrium being attained.
  • We don’t need to change (or even improve) ourselves, humanity or the planet – simply remember & restore them into the quantum-photonic “factory settings” of homeostasis & equilibrium.
  • Any attempt to change something, triggers the emergence of judgment & denial, creates a biased polarized position, creates contradiction – and fortifies simultaneously its opposite, ending in a futile battle between what is and what is not.
  • All mystical traditions ultimately address the same quantum principle from various perspectives.
  • Hinduistic, Shamanic,  Ancient Greek, Egyptian, Middle-eastern ones focus on the multiplicity of the God-ness expressions.
  • Buddhist ones, focus on either the detachment from identity & the presence of enlightment , or the Mahayana bodhisattva principle where enlightment can only be collective for all beings (not because it altruistically should – but because it is the only functional manner), or embracing & sitting in the midst of the paradox (Japanese Zen koans).
  • Taoism, focus on the coexisting symbiotic integration of the complementary forces of duality.
  • Monotheistic Zoroastric., Hebrew, Christian & Islamic ones, focus on the Oneness of God to whom we surrender our personal identity – “God willing”, “if God wish”.
  • The proverbial “original sin” of the Bible is not a complete fallacy. It symbolically describes the birthing trauma of the perceived separateness from God – which as a result haunts all nuclear creation into the suffering of guilt for that act of separation.
  • Yet that separation not only is illusionary, because is solely nuclearly-based, – but is also non-lasting, because it is instantly neutralized by the constant implosion of any nuclear reality to its quantum-photonic omnipresent source.
  • Creation & birth of anything does not require by default friction & pain – but it can be a celebration of one of the functional expressions of the unified whole – without judging, rejecting or demeaning all others.
  • The mere posing of a question to ourselves, others or the universe, assumes a separation between question-answer and a pretension that they are different, separated by space or time and they need to be reconciled.
  • When we ask a question, our inner quantum consciousness asks back:

        a) Who is asking ? – which layer, the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual?

        b) Why is it asking? What would the answer serve?

Would it serve:

  • To feel a predetermined emotion of anger, arrogance, sadness, anxiety, fear, loathing?
  • To validate an underlying fixed mental belief of ourself, the others & life in general – through ego empowerment, personal rejection, lack of recognition, betrayal, futility, unworthiness, to be blamed on oneself or others/circumstances?
  • To validate a spiritual disconnection and sense of loss of purpose?

Then the answer will be customized to:

a) the layer that asks the question and b) what is its ultimate purpose to serve.

  • The surrender & letting go of the nuclear/ionic level illusion of separate existential identification, is the ultimate detoxification.

Additional Nuclear Ionic detox methods

Nuclear/ionic detox can be further stimulated by:

  • Consistent spiritual practices – such as meditation of any type, chanting, sound therapies, qigong, brainwave entrainment.
  • Trance inducing methods: psychoactive substances – such as ayahuasca, mushrooms (not for recreation but for spiritual discovery), ecstatic dancing – such as Sufi whirl dancing, closed-eyes Tai chi , kundalini yoga, floatation (sensory deprivation) sessions.
  • Extensive exposure to negative ion fields such as the moving water bodies, forests and nature in general, as well as certain crystals & Himalayan salt lamps – due to the health restorative effect of their negative ions emission, which counterbalance our chronic exposure to positive ions EMF radiation.
  • Any light-origin therapies which stimulate the pineal gland to reprogram our systemic bio-photonic signatures and effectively balance our bio-ion fields. Examples of those are:

—- Sungazing at sunrise & sunset – sun light activates our own inner light.

—- Far-Infrared sauna treatments (available at Health Oasis) – triggering our cells to emit far-infrared waves outwards, detoxifying deep cellular tissues & establishing a photonic transformation.

—- Biophoton light treatments (available at Health Oasis) – reprogramming our systemic bio-photonic signatures to balance our bio-ionic field by correcting “electron-spin-inversion” from contracting/counterclockwise to expansive/clockwise motion. Ultimately light heals all things, because its photonic nature IS ALL things.

  • Light is not constrained by ionic, atomic, molecular or cellular limitations.
  • We are fundamentally beings of Light – not esoterically speaking – but in terms of physics, composed by photonic light fields carrying our quantum nature.
  • Light communicates photonically with itself beyond space & time , sharing all information and adjusts all energy arrangements at all layers to its quantum factory-settings homeostasis.
  • But that can only occur, with the consent of the identity observing or requesting that activation – and to the corresponding degree of that consent.
  • Breatharian fasting, without any consumption or contact with food, juices or water – living on light photosynthesis & allowing chi/prana to regulate directly all bodily functions.

This is not a rumor or hoax but a demonstrated capability of the human body to sustain life on pure light photosynthesis.

Yet medical- speaking the human body cannot survive more that 3 days without water – which is absolutely untrue whenever that decision is consensual.

  • Ancient Taoist initiations of pausing breath for extended time periods – been sustained by chi alone.
  • Pcad-2 *cathedrin, a substance produced in gestating mothers – which holds the potential for total spiritual transformation via neural super communication – although not commercially available.

*Pcad-2 becomes visible along the nerve fiber in the brain stem of the fetus at the 8th week of pregnancy, and spreads over the entire fetal brain by the 11th week and by the 18th week disappears. Pcad-2 appears in the critical stage of development of the fetal CNS, and is involved in the induction, fasciculation, and extension of “Axons” which are the key factor in neural communication. Experiments have shown that Pcad-2 stimulated massive axon regeneration while had a simultaneous toxic effect killing the cells. However those experiments were conducted in non-consenting mice and as a result flooded their systems with an information overload which liked their cells. If this is a conscious consensual decision, the equilibrium between toxicity &  regeneration can be attained

  • Unconditional generosity of our time, resources, feelings – not as a means to boost our pride but instead because we cannot help it – in not doing so.

Spiritual detox, is a journey of the nuclear ions of our subatomic structure – towards the remembering of their universal quantum quark origin.

What does Spiritual detox serve

  • Coming back to where we started from – detoxification – it is apparent that all detoxification refers to a spiritual detoxification, spiritual awakening, letting go all fragmented existential identity inventions.
  • Anyway, the entire universe detoxifies by default – and reboots anew every Planck constant nanosecond.
  • This is what we (& life itself) truly aim for, no matter how conscious or unconscious we may be in its regard.
  • Our underlying spiritual detoxification quest, is seeking to peel all layers of the illusion of separation and photonically reveal, the universal quantum nature of all life across any of its diverse manifestations.
  • A single choice is all that matters : That all creation when emerges – is fully aware of its all-inclusive unified quantum light existence, rather than getting confused with the diversity of its functionalities, by trying to invent existential identities within those functionalities.
  • That single choice affects everything from a quark level to intergalactic systems because the tiniest microcosmic is instantly projected to the broadest macrocosmic interface.
  • If this can be perceived even mentally as a possibility – then it is not only potentially possible but is already activated – because its strength vs any other simulation is its all-inclusivity & selflessness.
  • Our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual detox serve as a pathway to unclutter all illusions of separation towards the recognition, embrace & celebration of our deepest quantum existential identity.
  • Each layer detoxified – even partially, pierce “upwards” through the more subtle one and so on.
  • Once even a brief but repeated contact is made with the spiritual nuclear layer, then our quantum photonic field starts working in the light speed “downwards” adjusting & completely detoxifying all lower fields.
  • This single choice of belief, massively magnifies the optimal functionality of any point of attention focused , on any layer, by anything invoking it.
  • The aim is not to attain perfect spiritual health.

Just enough to loosen nuclear-level ionic attractions which bond to form atomic beliefs & allow energy flow to penetrate the threshold between strong & weak nuclear forces, the cusp between quantum existence & photonically carried creation.

  • Even the omnipresent Quantum detoxifies – in the sense of letting go/surrendering its omnipresence.
  • It consciously causes its brief nanosecond-long unconsciousness, falling into a self-oblivion, forgetting & detaching from its quantumness – for the sake of creation manifestation.
  • Creation is the conscious oblivion/detoxification of the quantum’s omnipresence.
  • The entire Universal Consciousness detoxifies by default every nanosecond and is rebooted/rebuilt
  • No spiritual balance can be “gained” – unless the imbalance caused by an illusionary separation is consensually “lost”, let go, detoxified.
  • We need spiritual awareness of our quantum omnipresence (photonically carried through light) – to help us deeply CONNECT with all life – manifested or not.

Why Physical detox matters

The human body & mind has nothing to do with our human beliefs of its nature & purpose.
• It is not a “Microsoft Word” processor intended to solely process text – but is instead a Quantum computer capable of processing quantum information – with our body been its interface, .
• Just because it loads by default “Microsoft Word” upon its switching on, it doesn’t mean that it is just a Word processor.
• Even if we increase its processing amplitude to “Excel” or “PowerPoint”, it is still a “Microsoft Office” software suite, run on a monopolised “Windows” operating system.
• Far from its processing capacity & its intended purpose.
• The human mind has demonstrated that is capable of amazing creative powers – to express artistic creations, scientific inventions, philosophical insights, spiritual wisdom – none of which are a “Word processing” function.
• The human body has demonstrated that is capable of extraordinary dancing performances, athletic achievements, amazing strength, endurance, flexibility, capable of walking on fire, staying on below-zero temperatures, living without food or water or even breathing.
• Physical detox is essential in clearing our quantum computer cache, defragmenting its hard drive & liberating its creative potential.
• The operating systems we choose individually & as a species and the diversity of the software run on them, are a quantum prerogative – rather than a inert acceptance of an imposition of a viral hacking of its quantumness.
• This is the true reason why physical, emotional, mental & spiritual detox is fundamental in reclaiming our true potential – a potential we occasionally grasp that it exists, yet is so elusive because of the habitual limiting belief systems, loaded by default when it switches on.

More on Spiritual detox

To follow soon

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