Our Detox Manifesto



About emotional detox

  • Emotions are formed on the molecular etheric level – governed by the magnetic force.
  • This is the realm of attraction, bonding, sympathy, empathy & love – ruled by chemistry.
  • The molecular/psychological etheric field is where time is introduced – by localizing space in a coordinates grid.
  • We think that we only digest food – but we do digest emotions as well.
  • We accumulate & physically store emotions in cellular clusters of water, mineral & fat and deposit them in corresponding organs & systems.
  • Destructive emotions, indicate a centripetal/counterclockwise, magnetic spin dominance.
  • Classic examples of emotional toxicity are the addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, sex, tv/social media overload – which are a unsustainable compensation attempt to attain that dopamine-serotonin neurotransmitter/endocrine equilibrium. 

Yet this is futile, because addictions act as escape mechanisms from either the stress or the inertia – which exacerbate that yo-yo effect between pain & reward. Each slice of reward also intensifies pain, generating a vicious cycle of increasing intensities. 

That increasing intensity could potentially be beneficial if both pain & reward ends are embraced & integrated into a high dopamine-high serotonin state, through internal endorphin production. 

However that seldom happens, because the increasing intensity gets trapped between the dual yo-yo of desire & aversion – rather than been synthesized via the recognition of their interrelationship.

In addition is stored in cellular memories, perpetuating the struggle.

  • Emotions can be released by dissolving habitual emotional/psychological reaction patterns – upon recognizing that they solely trying to validate atomic level beliefs. 
  • Their dissolution opens-up our cellular respiration – allowing molecules & our psyche to optimally restructure.
  • Emotions are not what they seem to be – they are in fact archetypal feelings (as expressions of quantum universal energy).
  • Our 6 key emotional experiences of a) frustration/anger, b) uncertainty/anxiety, c) hope/fear, d) grief/despair, e) pride/arrogance & f) aversion/loathing 

– are merely mental distortions of the 6 corresponding archetypal universal energy feelings of 

a) creative passion, b) alert presence, c) silent stillness d) empathic bonding e) blissful gratefulness, f) surrender from desire & gratification.

  • We can transcend emotions to the default feeling state AND fuse their polarities by simultaneously being:

Alertly – Still, Blissfully – Empathetic and Passionately –. Detached.

True Love is not an emotion – but instead the unified feeling of those 3 pairs.

  • Our personally experienced emotions are not personal at all – they are a collective energy cloud, formed by a species-based mental belief system.
  • Emotional detox, is a journey of the molecules of our cells – towards their remembering of their atomic belief origin. 
  • Long or/and Periodic physical detox, peels layers of cellular distortions affecting molecularly & magnetically the emotional layer.

Additional Emotional detox methods

  • Emotional detox can be further stimulated by:
  • Pranic realignment methods – such as homeopathy, acupuncture, reiki, pranic healing, craniosacral balancing, hypnosis, rebirthing, essential oils, (aromatherapy Bach & bush flowers) etc. 
  • Any sort of psychological therapeutic work
  • Any feelings of empathy & bonding towards humans or other beings & forms of life – which reverse the magnetic spin towards a centrifugal, clockwise motion.
  • Any light-origin therapies which stimulate the pineal gland to reprogram our systemic bio-photonic signatures and effectively balance our bio-ion fields. Examples of those are:

—- Sungazing at sunrise & sunset – sun light activates our own inner light.

—- Far-Infrared sauna treatments (available at Health Oasis) – triggering our cells to emit far-infrared waves outwards, detoxifying deep cellular tissues & establishing a photonic transformation.

—- Biophoton light treatments (available at Health Oasis) – reprogramming our systemic bio-photonic signatures to balance our bio-ionic field by correcting “electron-spin-inversion” from contracting/counterclockwise to expansive/clockwise motion. Ultimately light heals all things, because its photonic nature IS ALL things. 

  • Light is not constrained by ionic, atomic, molecular or cellular limitations.
  • We are fundamentally beings of Light – not esoterically speaking – but in terms of physics, composed by photonic light fields carrying our quantum nature.
  • Light communicates photonically with itself beyond space & time , sharing all information and adjusts all energy arrangements at all layers to its quantum factory-settings homeostasis.
  • But that can only occur, with the consent of the identity observing or requesting that activation – and to the corresponding degree of that consent.

What does Emotional detox serve

  • The aim is not to attain perfect emotional/psychological health.

Just enough to loosen molecular magnetic bonds & allow energy flow to penetrate the atomic/mental/cognitive layer – attaining a wider equilibrium.

  • Yet emotional detox rather than being our ultimate aim,  

It should instead be the 2nd  step towards sensitization of all the upper layers of our consciousness – leading to a mental & spiritual equilibrium.

  • No emotional balance can be “gained” – unless a mental imbalance is consensually “lost”, let go, detoxified.
  • What is the point of achieving physical & emotional health – if we are mentally confused or spiritually lost?
  • However without a certain degree of physical & emotional health, there is constant interference on our mental & spiritual equilibrium. 
  • We need emotional balance – to help us deeply UNDERSTAND life on a mental level.
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