“Weight Loss Detox Retreat Reviews and Testimonials”
Weight loss detox retreat reviews and testimonials offered from customers after experiencing the positive effects of our fasting detox programs at Health Oasis Resort.

“Hard Core Detox”

Reviewed Apr 4, 2018

This was our first detox at the ages of 63. We had no idea what to expect and had chosen the weight loss program. The orientation was very good explaining what to expect and we were reassured that there was plenty of support at all times. If your priority is a thorough detox with end results then this is the place to come. It’s not glamorous but comfortable and most importantly the program works. In 15 days my husband lost 12kg and I lost 8kg. Our days were filled with oxygen steams, various types of massages to choose from, gym, relaxing yoga/meditation, educational videos in the air conditioned TV room, demonstrations on how to make a detox face mask and almond milk and walks along the beautiful unspoiled beach a few metres from our bungalow.
The atmosphere is peaceful and caring, more like a big supportive family. All questions concerning the detox and health were answered by a qualified Health Manager. There were visiting naturopaths from Europe and many people from various Countries. The communal area was comfortable and good for a chat if you felt like socialising.We enjoyed swimming in the pristine (there are two) and also in the ocean. The water is very clean and I had a fish jump while I was sitting at the shoreline. Watching the fisherman cast their hand nets and haul in a good catch was a relaxing passtime. The sunsets were breathtakingly beautiful and we felt the temperature was pleasant even though we do not experience many hot days in Tasmania.
We would like make a special mention of Yan who made a soothing herbal tea for my throat, Pom on front desk who always had a smile, Wit the Office Manager for his caring and positive attitude, Pai and Lana for the excellent massages we received and Ni who took of us in the oxygen steam room.
We stayed on for 5 days after our detox ended in order to take a cooking class with Thuza as we enjoyed the delicious nourishing food so much. We also wanted to introduce healthy food back into our systems after having such a thorough detox.Our family and friends commented on our return how healthy and glowing we looked and of course our weight loss. We will definately be returning next year and look forward to seeing our “other family” again.
Thank Health Oasis for such wonderful programs to choose from. There are 3 and we were very happy with our weight loss choice. Next year we will try the Total Transormation or the Nurture program as we are still losing weight on our healthy eating plan of delicious Thai cooking.
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The combination of the cleansing, the Yoga, the sea, the extremely accommodating staff. I always feel 10 years younger and so much clearer…… and a good side effect of feeling so good was those 6 kilos I left in Thailand.

Weight Loss Detox Retreat Reviews happy customer detox spa

“Health Oasis Resort is EXCELLENT”

Reviewed Apr 24, 2018

I did the 11 day NUTURE detox and it was great. The staff were friendly and explained everything and the location is a dream…. right on the beach…PERFECTION

I can only praise the team work and services … nothing went wrong and everything happened when it was supposed to

My room was cleaned everyday and I totally enjoyed the long walks along the beach at sunset

As I said I did 11 days and this was my 4th time at a detox spa accordingly I knew what was involved …. for a first timer I would suggest a 5 – 7 day program and follow the instructions especially when you have completed the program and go back home.

“Regained my health and happiness”

Reviewed August 20, 2018

It was my first fasting detox experience so I did not know what to expect but the program was really well organized and the health managers were very supportive and available to answer all questions which made it a smooth ride.
The yoga session in the morning, the daily massages, the colonics and the informative documentaries screened daily were the highlight of my stay.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Health Oasis Resort and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a fasting detox program.
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