The CORE CELLULAR detox program is our essential detox package at a budget price.
Includes a comprehensive range of various liquid herbs, tonics, health supplements, superfoods, fructose-free juices & teas with several tasty varieties, plus clear broth soup & herbal tea.
In addition, morning yoga classes, colonics, health talks and inspiring documentaries/movies are all part of your program. You will have full access to all facilities, 2 pools, detox health devices, herbal steam room, fitness room.

Upon confirming a reservation:

  • Upon your enquiry a health questionnaire will be emailed to you, so we can determine your overall health condition, any particular concerns & your aims. see questionnaire 
  • If you are unsure which program will best serve you,  you can contact us to assist you.

Predetox program inclusions:

  • 1 Free night AC room accommodation on your arrival day – before starting your program.
  • Free pick-up transfer from Koh Samui Airport.

Detox program inclusions for the duration of the program:

  • Our unique sophisticated detox methods of ingredients & delivery see details  
  • Comprehensive detox health basket see details
  • More health program inclusions see details

Accommodation in a AC room see photos & amenities

  • Other inclusions see

Postdetox program inclusions:

  • 2 healthy light meals (includes probiotic rich sauerkraut), 1 Kombucha drink
  • Probiotic implant & Prebiotic supplement
  • Post detox recommendations
  • Free transfer to Koh Samui Airport
  • Follow up communication within 3 months’ time
  • Optional periodic sharing of health related information with you

Herbal tonics and cleansing

Our unique sophisticated detox techniques in terms of ingredients & delivery:

  • We have pioneered novel detox systems since 1997. Investigating & Experimenting with the latest scientific biochemical discoveries is consistently leading us to use the most advanced techniques in comparison with any other detox center.
  • Liquid herbal extracts – far superior in potency than capsules & tablets used everywhere else. Taking tablets or capsules during fasting, means that tabs/caps must be digested & broken down –  by producing gastric juices, which stops or significantly interferes with the fasting process.
  • Flood the bloodstream with Oxygen through: Stabilised oxygen,Magnesium oxide powder & Oxygenated colonics with H2O2 – to magnify detoxification.
  • Sublingual administration of all herbs & supplements– in atomized spray or liquid droppers. Held under the tongue for 30-60’’,enter directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the lengthy process of absorption through the stomach, maximizing therapeutic potency.
  • Fructose-free juices & teas – to pause entirely the glucose/fructose metabolism and shift the body into steady ketosis state, which repair cellular mitochondria & boosts metabolism.
  • Intentional activation of all 5 tastes – to stimulate, through the tongue sensors, all the main organ equilibrium & their respective energy meridians.
  • Psyllium husks ground into powder – for smoother blending in the shake with the bentonite clay.
  • Rectally administered probiotics – for rapid & complete reintroduction of intestinal flora in the intestines , rather than be orally taken & destroyed in the stomach before they reach the intestines.
  • Space colonics every 12-16 hours for optimal efficiency. 1 colonic/day is too little – but 2 set apart by 6 hours and then 18 hours is inefficient.

Comprehensive Health Basket:

  • Oxygen Magnesium– to cleanse the small intestine on the 1st day of the program
  • The HEAL detox herbal blend– a proprietary blend of premium practitioner-grade liquid herbs, taken sublingually
  • Chlorophyll– the perfect blood cleanser with alkalising, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
  • Psyllium & Bentonite shakes– to draw and eliminate deep tissue toxins, extracted through the small & large intestinal walls & eliminated via the colon
  • Spirulina– contains 100 essential nutrients, amino acids & essential fatty acids
  • Guarana– for a herbal boost of extra energy
  • Male/Female Herbal Tonic– special male or female herbal formulas to support hormonal & endocrine systems
  • Colloidal Silver– for immune system stimulation
  • Ocean Minerals – for balancing essential trace minerals
  • Stabilised Oxygen –to enhance tissue oxygenation & detoxification
  • Aromatherapy Body Spray– for emotional & chakra balancing, when you feel low on energy or anxious
  • H2O2 Body Spray– for extra oxygen absorption via the skin
  • Skin Brush – aids elimination of dead skin tissue & stimulates blood & lymph detoxification

More Health program Inclusions:

  • Personalised support with our qualified health professionals
  • Educational health talks & presentations regularly
  • Inspirational documentaries & movies in our communal TV room
  • Self-Administered Oxygenated Colonics – for the fastest, safest & deepest toxin removal Plus extra blood oxygenation
  • Fructose-free juices, clear soups & herbal teas
  • Morning Yoga Classes 
  • Daily Thai massage
  • Polarity Zapping– for vibrationally-induced parasite cleansing
  • Ultimate Relaxation Device– for whole body relaxation, which loosens the joints, spine & muscles of the body as well as calming the nervous system
  • Lymphasizing Trampoline– for deep cleansing of the lymphatic system
  • Herbal Steam – for lymph & lung detoxification via the skin

Other inclusions:

  • Free high speed wifi access
  • Free laundry service during your program
  • Free use of our 2 chemical-free pools, herbal steam room and saltwater plunge pool
  • Full access throughout the program to the fitness room, relaxation devices, lymphasizing trampoline, polarity zappers and much more!

Room Amenities

  • 1 King/Queen size bed or 2 Single beds
  • Bathroom with hot water shower
  • Air-conditioning
  • Desk and chair
  • Beach/pool towel
  • Umbrella
  • Safety box
  • High speed wifi
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