FAQ about detox programs commonly asked by our guests

FAQ about detox is a page for all the questions of those interested in embarking on a fasting detox program. It seems to bring up many questions to the minds of those who are interested. As such we have created this FAQ about detox page in the hope to answer any would be questions. If your question is not listed here, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
Our programs run from 5 days up to 28 days. The programs can be customised to a desired length of the customer.


7:00 AM

Psyllium & Bentonite Shake brought to your room

8:30 AM

Heal Detox, Chlorophyll, Tonic, Colloidal Silver, Oceans Minerals, Oxygen & Yoga Class

10:00 AM

Psyllium & Bentonite Shake, Colonic (alternating days)

11:30 AM

Heal Detox, Spirulina, Guarana, Chlorophyll, Colloidal Silver, Minerals & Oxygen

1:00 PM

Psyllium & Bentonite Shake

2:30 PM

Heal Detox & Chlorophyll

4:00 PM

Psyllium & Bentonite Shake

5:30 PM

Heal Detox, Chlorophyll, Tonic, Colloidal Silver, Oceans Minerals, Oxygen

7:00 PM

Psyllium & Bentonite Shake, Colonic (alternating days)

8:30 PM

Heal Detox & Chlorophyll
The question regarding how much weight one can lose is a tricky one. Each person responds differently to our treatments. I can give you two extreme examples. One person lost 16 KG in 13 days, averaging more than a Kilo a day whereas there was another person who lost nothing over 9 days. On the average a 10 day weight loss program would shed about 4-7% of one’s overall body weight. However our focus is more on detox. If the focus gets to a fixed expectation of a mentally desired loss of weight, this desire can become a self-sabotaging obstacle blocking the way from what the body actually needs. Our program is designed to re-balance the glandular and hormonal system and this resetting will calm your liver, adjust the pancreas’ hormonal levels and tonify your kidneys 3 main organs which work in sync. Weight loss is a benefit that one would get, not because stops eating for a number of days, but because of the changes in how the organs function after the detox and how the metabolic system becomes more efficient and any weight loss can become sustainable in the longer term combined with some dietary and living changes to support it.
I could give you any silly answer but the truth is that is hard to give you a responsible answer without complete info. i.e. your actual weight vs. height, BMI, age, weight range history, metabolic type and whether the weight is of water retention or fat accumulation type plus whether it is localized or spread equally throughout the body. Additionally whether you exercise in any way, what type of job you do, are you on any medications. On the top of that, possible emotional & psychological factors impacting your body’s responses. The most important…why weight loss is important to you? Is it because your body needs it or because the mind desires it? Even if your body’s response to fasting is fat conservation, it is not a natural reaction and most likely something else triggers it to do so. Perhaps you need to ask yourself some tough questions and be prepared for any answers. This sincere introspection may reveal blockages that now you are ready to drop and be ready for their release, which may bring weight loss as a result…assuming that your body absolutely needs it. I am telling you this because I would like you to find the click that will make a shift. Definitely the detox program rewires the entire system but our cooperation is required as well. Assuming that you have weight to lose and if your body needs it rather than been a simple cosmetic desire, there is no doubt that you will be losing weight in our program. Statistically, you can expect a weight loss from 0.5-1 kg per day depending the overweight amount, metabolism, clear intention and program length. See more about weight loss here.
It is a good idea to start the fasting and cleansing process with some dietary changes before your arrival to Health Oasis. Decrease, or if you can exclude, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, red meat, dairy, wheat, processed and fried foods from your diet for a good 3-4 days before coming here. This makes the detox process a lot easier once you commence the fast. Focus your intake on fresh foods like fruit and vegetables and remember to drink lots of water to start flushing everything out. It is not absolutely crucial to the detox, so only do the best you can. If you find it difficult to make these changes, it will not hinder the detox in any way.
Our detox programs are fasting detox based, i.e. not eating. Detoxing while fasting is far superior in many ways and has many well documented advantages over detoxing while eating.
It is our policy to only accept clients who undertake our programs exactly as we administer them. So even though you may know what you are doing, water fasts are not something we specialise in, so we can not offer adequate guidance or safety. As such we cannot recommend nor take responsibility for anyone doing them under our watch. We regret that we cannot be of help to you.
In general, a detox program will probably the best thing you can do, due to the fact it rewires the information the immune system processes and helps the body to reach back to homeostasis (the natural state of equilibrium) which will in turn aid in lowering and regulating a high blood pressure condition. Statistically almost all clients of ours, experience a drop in their blood pressure and in fact if they happen to take blood pressure medication they frequently have to reduce it or eliminate it altogether because the detox itself causes a drop.
It is not necessary, unless you have a medical history of a serious condition. However it will be a good idea, for your reference to do before and after your program a range of blood tests CBC, Lipid profile, Hormonal, Renal & hepatic profiles. A comparison of these tests will reconfirm the difference not only of how you will feel and how you will look, but also how you will be on the inside health-wise. Because that is the important factor to keep in mind, the health benefits you will have are the ones that will assist your body transform from the inside.
The overall aim of all our programs is actually detox. And please remember we all accumulate and hold toxins in our body, especially the bowels no matter what our weight is, whether slim or obese. When the bowel becomes encrusted with un-expelled fecal material due to poor dietary habits, the absorption of vital nutrients slows down to the degree of encrustation. Poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems. We have many guests come to detox who are of normal or even slim body weight because they understand this vital principle.
The nutrition provided with our programs includes a range of vitamins and minerals in their natural form. This will assist your body to detox while also providing its fundamental nutritional needs. You should expect a some weight loss but it will normally be fat or water. From our understanding it normally takes quite a number of weeks of supervised fasting, while not receiving enough protein and doing no strength training to lose a significant amount of muscle mass until the body. When you are done cleansing and go back to strength training you will likely gain that muscle back quickly due in part to muscle memory. However if you are in doubt or concerned we suggest you consult with your primary health care physician.

We do NOT use tablets at Health Oasis’ fasting detox programs.
One of the major problems with many fasting programs out there is that they use tablets and capsules and a lot of them like the Arise and Shine. The problem with that is that during a fast the stomach can sometimes stop producing gastric juices and when someone throws all of a sudden 10 tablets inside the stomach 5 times a day, the entire body gets confused and has 3 choices,

a) Digest them by starting producing gastric juices,
b) Eliminate them without breaking them down almost in the same tablet form or
c) Vomit them

Very few people in the fasting industry understand this fundamental principle and keep using tablets. We don’t. We use everything in a liquid form and is placed sublingually under the tongue for 1 min where is transported instantly into the bloodstream without digestion and bypassing the stomach and avoiding unnecessary side effects.

Even though we have a small basic gym, we do NOT recommend while detoxing, strong aerobic exercise, which create ketones and disturb the blood sugar balance. Stretching, yoga, stroll walking are fine though.

The loss of iron over a couple of days of menstruation is not of a concern. Anyway we use sublingual chlorophyll in our supplements, which contains very absorbable iron, plus it cleanses the blood.

We are a fasting and detox facility and we DO NOT specialize in substance withdrawal or dependency issues. If you are coming to clean up your body and mind, we are able to support you to a certain extent, however in terms of administering sedatives, providing counseling and professional services in this area we cannot or do not promote this as rehabilitation or detox clinic.

Our program is designed to re-balance the glandular and hormonal system and this resetting will calm your liver, adjust the pancreas’ hormonal levels and tonify your kidneys 3 main organs which work in sync. As a result of the pancreas/spleen adjustment, the production of insulin and adrenaline will start reaching optimum levels plus that the thyroid and thymus will be boosted increasing the metabolic rate, which will assist both the weight loss but also the blood sugar levels.

We use an extensive range of oxygen treatments, stabilized oxygen orally administered, H202 in colonics, and epidermally and ozone steam sessions. All these, plus the wide range of the other supplements target the oxygenation of the entire bloodstream in order to combat glucose process malfunctions and bring the body into equilibrium.

I understand your concerns; the idea of a colonic is a little strange. However please remember it is very easy to do, it is self administered in your own room if you like, and the benefits are amazing and also it is an essential part of any detox. I would recommend trying it a few times first before backing out. If after trying it is unsuitable, then we can work out alternatives.

The colonic system we use (and 95% of all detox programs use) is what is called the colema board system and works with natural gravity rather than pumping water pressure that the colonic irrigation machines use which can be quite dangerous. We instruct you how to use and it is self administered which allows you control of the process and privacy instead of having another person in the room while eliminating which can be quite uncomfortable.

Please note use of machine based high pressure colonic irrigation is strictly contraindicated during our fasting detox. Under no circumstances can any guest under our care partake in them. Furthermore management reserves the right to stop the program of the guest if they are found partaking in them. Alternatively if this is important to the guest, they are encouraged to do them before or after their program.

The colonics are all self-administered and very easy to perform. Our health managers will give very detailed instructions and guidance explaining every step of the process. Should you still have difficulties, we can under some circumstances provide you with an assistant for the very first colonic. However from there we strongly encourage all guests to learn the process alone for the remaining colonics. We can not provide personal one on one assistance with colonics on a regular basis throughout the detox program. Please do not request this service as we are unable to offer this. If for some reason participants still feel uncomfortable, we can though provide alternatives to colonics like magnesium-oxide which will assist to empty the bowels.

It is to be determined case by case. It depends on the condition and the state of the guest both physical and mental/emotional. Also how far along are they in their detox and how many days they plan to do in total.

1) Guests who arrive who are already on antibiotics can either wait until they finish the antibiotics before starting the detox (if they have sufficient time) or if it is extremely important and really want to start the detox they can do that while finishing the antibiotics.

2) Guests who genuinely require antibiotics (not the cases where the doctor gives them unnecessarily in prophylactic form) and they are already doing the detox, they can either stop the program if they really feel uncomfortable to continue. Which isn’t the best option for their immune system, and shouldn’t be a sudden stop without liver flush. Or they can continue the detox while taking the antibiotics. So they can get the benefits of both without them interfering with each other.

For the above guests should be aware that antibiotics can cause lethargy amongst other symptoms. This is irrespective of them doing the detox. We say this as some guests may blame the detox for feeling tired or weak when in fact it’s not necessarily the detox causing this, acute antibiotic treatment can definitely cause this. They are acutely fighting a pathogen and the body uses a lot of energy.

Please see info on on how to get to Koh Samui here to learn more about how to get to the resort. We recommend all customer book their flights etc online or with a travel agent. As far as transfers from the airport we have outsourced this to a private company, please see our services page for more info.

Check in time is from 2pm and check out is 11am.

Please see more information on our website under the info on detox page.

Yes you can start the detox program the day you arrive, however please note you must arrive in time for the 10am orientation session. This is offered once a day at 10am with one of our health managers . The purpose is for explaining and familiarising the guests with the detox program schedule and the resort facilities. If you can not make it by 10am then it will be necessary to spend an extra night at the resort and then start the detox program the following morning. 

You can do any of our programs without the accommodation component, which we can discount from the total program. This discount would be 10% off the standard & nurture and 20% off the weight-loss, total transformation programs rates. You can come to yoga in the mornings too and use any of our facilities when you are here. Please let us know when you would like to start so we can prepare everything for you.

Laundry service is available at THB 80 per kg

All our programs are based on the core principles of detox through fasting. However, taking into account, special needs of our guests, we have formulated certain special programs that give them more benefit. For instance, our weight loss program has additional treatments to help lose some more weight or in cases of people who have difficulty shedding weight, help them kick start the process. This is done by adding special herbs, daily ozone steam treatments and a special massage for cellulite removal instead of regular massages.

For more information on our booking policies and terms and conditions please see here.

You can pay in full on arrival, credit card (Visa and MasterCard only), no cash payments are possible over THB 1000.

Depending on our expected availability due to the season or type of accommodation requested, a deposit may be required to obtain a confirmed reservation. We will notify you if a deposit would be necessary. If we do so, please read the cancellation policy before making a reservation request.

Yes you are welcome to come and detox with us if you smoke. However please note we have a strict non-smoking policy, which includes the rooms, the balconies, and all other public places within the compound of the resort. It is imperative that you respect the right of other guests to not be subjected to smoking. If you need to smoke please ask our staff to show you the designated areas where is allowed without disturbing other guests. Primarily is fine to smoke at the beach (but at least 20 m away from other guests) or at the open air parking lot.

We welcome all guests who wish to participate in the detox program, including parents with kids. However it is important to remember that Health Oasis Resort is a calm, tranquil and healing environment conducive to detox and any disruptive activities and noise can greatly affect the process and stay of fellow guests.

In our experience parents or single parents who wish to come and detox and bring their kids, but are not able to supervise them properly or keep them engaged etc, this generally doesn’t work out so well. Both for the parents, kids and also the fellow guests. Therefore we usually restrict children aged between 2-5 years old.

However if there is a nanny or someone else available to take full responsibility and ensure the kids are not disruptive to the environment then we generally make exceptions.

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