Our Detox Manifesto



Immunity is about information relevance

  • Immunity is not about defense – but about metabolic processing integration.
  • This is what metabolism does. Integrates the new information into the existing, making it its own.
  • Every time our immune system rejects, denies, disposes something, – is not because is truly foreign or threatening but because it does not consider it useful to be absorbed & integrated in its existing relevance-chosen reality.
  • Every time something is – immunologically-speaking – broken down, a more enhanced & a more optimal structure is been built. 
  • Our inner self is asking for our immune system to be “attacked”, exposed to new information in order to integrate it & optimize its function.
  • Immunity is enhanced, when the choices perceived of what should be absorbed & integrated expand .
  • When the synaptic interconnections between seemingly unrelated information, are magnified by the recognition of their simultaneity & value.
  • Immunity is all about a constant choice of relevance.

Detox is a choice of ir-relevance

  • Detoxification is about the choice of what is deemed irrelevant and as such, is let go.
  • Of course the definition of relevance is relative & arbitrary and is bias-based on the underlying established belief systems.
  • In fact everything & anything that appears in our consciousness and knocks in its door is potentially relevant – otherwise it would not even appear.
  • The universe does not waste energy for anything that serves no purpose.
  • Its appearance indicates an invitation at some deeper level.
  • It is however the choice of our belief system to – either expand by integrating new inputs appearing, or contract by rejecting them.
  • Of course we don’t always need to expand & consider everything relevant.
  • If it is truly relevant , it comes back with a stronger intensity signal and in that way its relevance value will be validated.
  • This concept, sort of overthrows the preconceived perception of toxicity & detoxification – because under the apparent – yet symbolic signal, there is always a deeper message that wants to be revealed & integrated.
  • Our consciousness communicates with itself, across its various layers.
  • Therefore, everything is potentially relevant and it does not need to be instantly rejected because its relevance is not clear.

Toxicity as an opportunity for pause & reflection

  • Toxicity can instead be an opportunity for pause & reflection.
  • Nothing is, what appears to be at first sight – it is a symbolic interpretation of something deeper, especially if is persistent – but the challenge is to decodify it.
  • Frequently we encounter this experience i.e. A health imbalance can serve as a catalyst for a reset on something more fundamental that functions sub-optimally – an emotional pattern, a mental belief or a spiritual redefinition of our life purpose.
  • Everything we experience – is our own inner quantum voice that needs to be decodified.
  • De-codification can be much easier if we pause, listen, observe, feel & pay attention without the need to react to it right away.
  • Nevertheless not everything appearing needs to be absorbed all at once – because it needs to be integrated in our chosen speed, acceleration, extension & depth.
  • Then a decision can be made on what is worth being integrated as useful or let go as useless – at least for the specific moment.
  • However, labeling almost everything unfamiliar, unsettling, inconvenient, – as foreign, irrelevant, useless, threatening, toxic – inhibits our evolution and cause stagnation & slow or rapid energetic flow death.
  • A certain degree of consensually-integrated, temporary unsettlement, challenge, creative stress – is crucial for our evolution because it enhances our immunity at all layers and minimizes even unnecessary detoxification effort.
  • A toxicity overload may just be a resistance to integrate new information – and in that case is not the detoxification we need – but instead rewiring what we consider foreign, threatening & toxic.
  • In a paradoxical way, from an immunity perspective, embracing & integrating more temporary & limited toxicity may be the best strategy towards the building of a more optimal immune system.
  • Ultimately we don’t need more detoxification – we instead need to allow more “toxicity”/new information to be absorbed, processed, metabolized and integrated.
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