Our Detox Manifesto



About Mental Cognitive Detox

  • Behind anything solidly physical/cellular  there is an ethereally/emotional/psychological/molecular pattern – and behind that there is an air-like mental/ideogram/imagination/atomic belief structure – which craves to be evaporated.
  • Ideas are imagined & start on an atomic level – creations of possibilities pop out of an excited electrical field and gradually become fixed on their identity.
  • Thoughts & beliefs are formed on the atomic level – and governed by the electrical force.
  • Without those subtle yet fixed ideas, there can be no emotions & feelings about them to consolidate their identity.
  • This is the realm of pure imagined intelligence – ruled by symmetrical physics.
  • Electrical atomic force is an open space field – yet timeless.
  • Destructive thoughts & severely fixed beliefs, indicate an electron-spin-inversion, leaning towards a dominance of a counterclockwise spin.
  • Mental beliefs are a choice made on the nuclear ionic state to give color & direction to the nuclear ionic level creative process – by specialization to a limited field energy processing.
  • Mental detox is about the evaporation of fixed beliefs that we have been clinging to.
  • Their evaporation balances the atomic electron spin of clockwise & counterclockwise motion and optimizes our molecular emotional composition.
  • Very long or/and frequently repeated physical detox, peels even deeper layers of cellular & molecular distortions affecting atomically the mental cognition & beliefs layer.
  • Physical detox heightens mental cognition by optimizing the neural messaging system, the neural cells, their synapses and the space between them. Associations made, are multidimensional rather that linear/sequential and multitasking becomes effortless, preserving extra energy expenditure.
  • Our mental beliefs structure loosens and becomes a fluid open field, because both perception and task implementation, draw & process information from multiple sources simultaneously .
  • In the mental/atomic level of pure imagination/intelligence, everything is recognized as Information – but information is not a “thing”, not a “noun”- but instead a dynamic process, an “infinitive verb”.

Additional Mental detox methods

Mental detox can be further stimulated through:

  • Any light-origin therapies which stimulate the pineal gland to reprogram our systemic bio-photonic signatures and effectively balance our bio-ion fields. Examples of those are:

—- Sungazing at sunrise & sunset – sun light activates our own inner light.

—- Far-Infrared sauna treatments (available at Health Oasis) – triggering our cells to emit far-infrared waves outwards, detoxifying deep cellular tissues & establishing a photonic transformation.

—- Biophoton light treatments (available at Health Oasis) – reprogramming our systemic bio-photonic signatures to balance our bio-ionic field by correcting “electron-spin-inversion” from contracting/counterclockwise to expansive/clockwise motion. Ultimately light heals all things, because its photonic nature IS ALL things.

  • Light is not constrained by ionic, atomic, molecular or cellular limitations.
  • We are fundamentally beings of Light – not esoterically speaking – but in terms of physics, composed by photonic light fields carrying our quantum nature.
  • Light communicates photonically with itself beyond space & time , sharing all information and adjusts all energy arrangements at all layers to its quantum factory-settings homeostasis.
  • But that can only occur, with the consent of the identity observing or requesting that activation – and to the corresponding degree of that consent.
  • A frequent alternation between:
  1. Focusing attention on a single thing, to the exclusion of everything else – boosting dopamine levels & the stimulating sympathetic nervous system AND
  2. Un-focusing, developing peripheral perception of a wide range of simultaneous coexisting things, with no particular focus on any – boosting serotonin levels & stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system

This alternation should be occurring naturally but our lifestyle & culture distorts that balance, by creating either a chronic stress or a chronic depressive inertia.

  • Mental detox, is a journey of belief breakdown, evaporating the atoms of our cellular molecules – towards the remembering of their creative nuclear ionic origin .
  • We evaporate our atomic structure by letting loose the electrons of our atoms, returning to a nuclear ionic state of existence.
  • Letting go all mental beliefs – including everything that is written & read here – is a fundamental prerequisite towards the recognition of the primordial creative force of the nuclear ionic state expression of the quantum.

What does mental detox serve

  • The aim is not to attain perfect mental/cognitive health.

Just enough to loosen atomic-level electrical attractions & allow energy flow to penetrate the nuclear ionic/spiritual layer – attaining a wider equilibrium.

  • Yet mental/cognitive detox rather than being our ultimate aim,

It should instead be the 3nd step towards sensitization of the remaining upper layer of our consciousness – leading to a spiritual equilibrium.

  • No mental balance can be “gained” – unless a spiritual imbalance is consensually “lost”, let go, detoxified.
  • What is the point of achieving physical, emotional & mental health – if we are spiritually lost?
  • However without a certain degree of physical, emotional & mental health, there is constant interference on our spiritual equilibrium.
  • We need mental clarity – to help us deeply KNOW life on a spiritual level.

Downwards & Upwards caused disequilibrium

  • However disequilibrium is not solely generated downwards from mental to emotional to physical but also in reverse – although this is mostly temporary & reversible if its.
  • Emotional disequilibrium can be caused not only by fixed & limiting mental beliefs but also by physical cellular disturbances caused by disease, accidents, environmental toxicity like heavy metals, physical exhaustion, lack or excessive sleep, lack or excessive eating/drinking and many other entirely biological stressors – which cause temporary molecular/chemical changes.
  • Mental/cognitive disequilibrium may also be caused by physical or emotional factors. When any of the above physical factors are involved, the compromised molecular chemical imbalance sips into the mental/cognitive layer, by affecting the nervous system via the neurotransmitter/endocrine messaging. Although that may begin as a temporary acute incident, it frequently evolves into a chronic mental imbalance. Especially if heavy metals, chronic infection, chronic inflammation & physical blockages are not dealt with quickly by detoxification, they anchor themselves into the cellular tissues and keep transmitting distorted neural/atomic/electrical messages affecting the mental/cognitive state. Classic examples are the development of neurologically-derived mental conditions ranging from mental fog to chronic depression, bipolarity, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s etc. all of which caused by chemical/molecular imbalances although they may originate from physical stressors.
  • Yet even though those imbalances may be caused by a lower energetic level disturbance (molecular or cellular), they can still serve as a reset mechanism of the upper levels (mental, spiritual)
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