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About Physical detox

  • Physical sensations are formed on the cellular level – and governed by the gravitational force.
  • This is the realm of complex physical carbon-based life manifestation– ruled by biology.
  • The gravitational force requires the molecularly-invented deployment of localized space coordinates which creates the invented boundaries of time.
  • The increased gravitational fields are usually the result of the expanding toxic habitat , breeding more parasitical behavior of bacteria, fungus & viruses which either vibrate more statically on a more dense energy frequency, or migrate to a physical area where they are not supposed to be, causing havoc.
  • In any case it is not the bacteria, fungus or viruses that cause the toxic habitat. It is the toxic habitat/terrain that cause them to malfunction or migrate to another area and cause the development of other toxic habitats there. 
  • We just choose how much toxicity/new information we really need in our life – because we will keep some – but decide how much we consciously choose – rather than be an unaware subject to its unutilized accumulation or proliferation.
  • Fundamentally any toxicity build-up, is caused by our restrained energy flow – expression, creativity, passion, contribution, sharing.
  • This restrain, inhibits our cellular & molecular thermogenesis (heat dispersion), clogs our energy field with unutilized energy & implodes towards auto-immune self-destructive toxic behavior.
  • Classic example of that accumulated toxicity is the stubborn weight gain – which serves as a protective mechanism against systemic collapse, by encapsulating toxicity within liquid clusters (edemas, cysts), mineral deposits (urea, kidney stones) or fat clusters (inflamed tissues, gall stones, tumors).
  • The “stories” of powerlessness, guilt, doubt, shame or denial, we construct about weight gain, have nothing to do with the weight gain itself – but the accumulated toxicity.
  • From a quantum physics perspective, the increased body weight is a reconfiguration of our energy matrix, spinning more in gravitational fields and less in photonic light fields.
  • Detoxification, dissolves the toxic habitat, hiding in excessive accumulations in liquid, mineral & fat forms.
  • Physical detox takes place on a cellular level, rejuvenating our tissues & major bodily systems, releasing accumulated cellular memories that no longer serve us – as long as we are consenting to their release.

Physical tissue detox methods

All forms of physical detox integrate 2 main factors

Physical detox is about Cache clearing & Defragmentation

What physical health serves

Minimizing toxicity accumulation through eating habits

  • eating less calories daily * – to optimize metabolism & ATP energy production quality.
  • eating less times, during the day – refraining from constant snacking, to give our body a break.
  • eating within a 8, 6 or 4 hour window, skipping breakfast or dinner – in an intermittent fasting mode.
  • eating lighter** & vibrationally alive*** foods – to optimize digestion, absorption & elimination.
  • eating only when emotionally & mentally calm – to prevent us from digesting our emotions & thoughts.
  • eating carbohydrates separate from proteins & fats – to optimize digestive absorption & transit time.

Mixing carbs with proteins or/and fats in the same meal – is metabolically detrimental.

The damage caused by fats is a myth – it is their mixing with carbs which cause their oxidation.

Fats eaten alone (or solely with proteins) do not cause fat oxidation or accumulation – but instead burn them faster.

* Not all calories however have the same value because it is their metabolic pathways that determine the ATP synthesis.

** A light diet can be chosen on personal preference: Carnivorous, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Mediterranean, Atkins, Paleo, Chinese elements, Ayurvedic, Raw, Blood type etc.

*** Vibrationally alive refers to the photonic life force of the foods of any of the above diets– distinguishing between:

a) highly processed, fertilizer produced, GMO, with chemical additives, artificially preserved etc. and

b) organically grown, locally produced, seasonal, fresh, raw etc.

There is no perfect diet and no perfectly vibrationally alive foods – a sensible choice & compromise trade-offs need to be made, based on personal preferences & relative life circumstances.

  • Consuming potentially addictive substances, in moderation & periodically – rather than excessively & chronically, with breaks in-between. Those include alcohol, recreational drugs, caffeine, sugar, casein(milk, cheese).

Diluting toxicity through:

  • certain body treatments – especially lymphatic stimulation ones.
  • certain herbs with systemic or organ-focused detox effects.
  • fasting on non-fruit/fructose juices – releasing tissue accumulated toxicity into the bloodstream.

Moving toxicity upwards via:

  • vomiting-inducing herbs – mostly ayurvedic, cleansing the stomach & esophagus toxicity.

Moving toxicity downwards through:

  • purgative herbs, supplements, salts.
  • fasting combined with colonic cleansing – to rapidly remove toxicity from the bloodstream before any reabsorption.
  • sufficient hydration – primarily with good quality water (structured, spring mineral).

Extracting heavy toxicity through:

  • chelation therapies

Neutralizing toxicity through:

  • homeopathic remedies – of the same toxic substances, but massively diluted, counteracting their effect.
  • Intestinal flora – either preserving intestinal flora levels or adding it anally (orally is almost useless due to their destruction by gastric juices).

Incinerating toxicity through increased heat

  • Externally generated – sauna, herbal steam, hot baths, near infrared – to release toxins through the skin.
  • Internally generated – far infrared treatments – to release toxins from deep tissue through the skin.

Stress management

  By minimizing exposure to chronic stressors

  • either endogenous emotional ones OR exogenous environmental ones – both of which increase cortisol levels and inhibit the immune system to find its equilibrium .

  By consensually increasing acute, limited-duration physical stress

  • Through physical work or exercise of some sort – aerobic, stretching, muscle breakdown – all of which stimulate the immune system to optimize.

Reduction of sensory stimulation

Constant sensory stimulation – becomes a stressor, overwhelming our information processing system.

  • Visual pauseclosed eyes bring down our brain waves to the alpha state & stimulate our pineal gland which controls the entire neurotransmitter system.
  • Auditory silence – refrain from speaking and limiting external noise, rewires our parasympathetic system.
  • Physical Stillness – heightens our cognition & insights, due to the preservation of energy for inner work.
  • The above 3 become prevalent during meditation or flotation sessions, allowing the entire system to release unutilized excesses & rebuild.
  • When combined with temporarily shutting down taste – via fasting, they complete a physical sensorial detox. Smell is by itself pretty weak in drawing our continuous attention. 

Increased oxygenation

Increased oxygenation can be stimulated through

  • Physical activity
  • Breathing Pranayama exercises
  • Oxygen & Ozone therapies

Shamanic Kambo sessions

  • Cause an artificial “mini death” experience of 30-45 minutes – rebooting the entire immune system.

Breath retention

  • Holding breath inside or outside the water for 1-4 minutes – stimulates the immune system to rewire.

Alternating metabolic pathways for ATP production

Alternate between Glycolytic and Ketolytic metabolic pathways by:

  • Fasting on non-fructose juices/water– which shifts metabolism from glycolysis to ketosis.
  • Ketogenic diet – rotating it with carbohydrate diet every few days.

Glycolytic metabolism stores glucose as glycogen for 36-48 hours after the last carb consumption, so any ketogenic diet should include at least 3-4 consecutive days of ketogenic diet after the last carb meal – in order to trigger 36-60 hours of ketosis – which includes the first 6-9 hours after carb intake, till carbs are converted into glucose.

Ideally 2 days carbs – 5 days keto effectively produce a 50%-50% ratio between glycolysis & ketosis.

  • Ketolytic – Senolytic precursor supplements – like NMN, Resveratrol, Fisetin, Quercetin.

These precursors act like fasting & ketosis, stimulate autophagy, repairing the cellular mitochondria, increase NAD levels & sertuins and optimize the quality of ATP production.

Light therapies

Any light-origin therapies stimulate the pineal gland to reprogram our systemic bio-photonic field balancing first our bio-ion field, then the atomic/mental field , then the molecular/emotional field and finally the gravitational/cellular field. Examples of those are:

  • Sungazing at sunrise & sunset – sun light activates our own inner light.
  • Far-Infrared sauna treatments (available at Health Oasis) – triggering our cells to emit far-infrared waves outwards, detoxifying deep cellular tissues & establishing a photonic transformation.
  • Biophoton light treatments (available at Health Oasis) – reprogramming our systemic bio-photonic signatures to balance our bio-ionic field by correcting “electron-spin-inversion” from contracting/counterclockwise to expansive/clockwise motion. Ultimately light heals all things, because its photonic nature IS ALL things.
  • Light is not constrained by ionic, atomic, molecular or cellular limitations.
  • We are fundamentally beings of Light – not esoterically speaking – but in terms of physics, composed by photonic light fields carrying our quantum nature.
  • Light communicates photonically with itself beyond space & time , sharing all information and adjusts all energy arrangements at all layers to its quantum factory-settings homeostasis.
  • But that can only occur, with the consent of the identity observing or requesting that activation – and to the corresponding degree of that consent.

The quickest, most efficient, safe, deep & sustainable forms of physical detox

Out of all the above – the alternation OR blending of:

1. Fasting combined with Colonic cleansing,

2. Intense & regular, short-span physical activity,

3. Increased oxygenation & breath retention,

4. Sensory restriction – through meditation, floating, staying still in a quiet dark place

5. Alternation between ketolytic – glycolytic metabolism

6. Light therapies

are by far the quickest and most efficient, safe, deep and sustainable forms of physical detox.

All forms of physical detox integrate 2 main factors

A. Consensual causation of some form of intense – yet limited duration – physical stress, through:

  • Intense stretching – like yoga,
  • Aerobic exercise – like sports, dance – to pump more oxygen into tissues through circulation,
  • Muscle breakdown – through sports – in order to accelerate amino acid production for muscle rebuilding,
  • Excess sweating – caused by intense physical activity or static temperature rise like sauna, far-infrared,
  • Excess cold – like cold baths – causing blood vessel constriction & blood circulation stimulation,
  • Focus on a physical discomfort – during either an intense activity or a static acute/chronic physical pain.

When in a static state, focus on the discomfort needs to gradually fade out – from an initial 100% towards 20% or less – becoming a background observation/presence, converting the discomfort into relative comfort.

In a nutshell, chronic stress is unhealthy – but conscious acute short-span stress promotes health.

B. Consensual implementation of some form of temporary restriction, through:

  • Lesser food or drink caloric intake
  • Lesser meal frequency
  • Lesser carbohydrates
  • Lesser sensory stimulation
  • Lesser comfort
  • Lesser inertia & laziness

Although those temporary restrictions may cause an initial short-span stress – once established, they allow the entire system to rest, due to the reduction of unnecessary overactivity.

Both, short stress & temporary restriction, trigger a dopamine rise, followed by a serotonin rise – achieving a high dopamine-high serotonin state – which activates the pineal gland & by sequence the hypothalamus & pituitary glands.

This pineal gland activation & high dopamine-high serotonin state reset the entire neurotransmitter/endocrine system – serving as the ultimate photonic nutrition, responsible for all physical functions.

Physical detox is about

your Hard drive Cache clearing & Defragmentation

Maintain your hard drive/physical body at an optimal state by:

  • Clearing cache from redundant information/life experiences .
  • Defragment hard drive making physical space available for new information/life experiences.
  • Increase RAM memory/to multitask processing your life experiences .
  • Install an SSD drive to be able to accelerate life/processing speed.
  • Increase hard drive/physical body capacity to accommodate storing of info/life experiences
  • Classify all info/life in distinct physical folders – yet easily accessible, navigable & inter-communicable.
  • Backup your physical hard drive info/life experiences to external hard drives/selected close people & the shared server/all people.
  • Reboot your physical hard drive regularly to factory settings/homeostatic health (while keeping on the cloud previous versions/disequilibrium as reference).
  • Develop & Install your own proprietary anti-virus programs/ ethereally shielding uninvited interference or info leaking.

What does physical health serve

  • The aim is not to attain perfect physical health.

Just enough to loosen cellular gravitational density & allow energy flow to penetrate the molecular/emotional/psychological layer – attaining a wider equilibrium.

  • Yet physical detox rather than being our ultimate aim,

It should instead be the 1st step towards sensitization of all the upper layers of our consciousness – leading to an emotional, mental & spiritual equilibrium.

  • No physical balance can be “gained” – unless an emotional imbalance is consensually “lost”, let go, detoxified.
  • What is the point of achieving physical health – if we are emotionally disturbed, mentally confused or spiritually lost?
  • However without a certain degree of physical health, there is constant interference on our emotional, mental & spiritual equilibrium.
  • We need a sufficient physical health – to help us deeply FEEL life on an emotional level.
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