Photonic Activation Program

Photonic Activation Program

The Photonic, Nuclear, Ionic & Atomic Activation program contains the following sessions & substances – addressing all 5 states of energy matrices:

Bio-photonic 60 min personal treatments – a unique blend of Photonic light therapy, Chinese meridian theory & homeopathy  

administered in a private session room by our operator every 3 days. 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th etc.

Following Chinese meridian pathways, the photonic signatures of homeopathic remedies consolidate the light transmission into the molecular etheric level, by addressing the fundamental light imbalances on the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus , thyroid, parathyroid, thymus & adrenal glands – which control every other system and organs. These glands are what light uses as governors of all bodily biochemical  functions & without their photonic balancing, physical & emotional imbalances, relapse onto their entrenched patterns, as we all frequently  experience healing to be short-lived.

Full-spectrum light sessions – an intense 15 min light session – self-administered 

Intense full-spectrum light, balances the endocrine system, particularly the serotonin & melatonin levels, relieves depression, insomnia, inertia, lack of focus. Limited exposure to sunlight exacerbates those and many other conditions and can be balanced by intense full-spectrum light sessions.

Pineal Awakening sessions – a 15 min activation session – self-administered 

The pineal gland is our photonic link with the cosmos and is the master gland instructing the hypothalamus & pituitary glands to operate the neurotransmitter, hormonal & immune systems.

Amplified Tachyonic sessions – a 15 min light acceleration session – self-administered  

Tachyons are photons “travelling faster than light”. What it means is that information from the “ future’ fuses with information from the ”past” – in order to generate light in the present. Light is a handshake between photons & tachyons. Tachyonic activation brings to the present where we have already gone before we actually do it. A sneak preview of the future- which we designed but forgotten & buried in the past

The work that the light does is the deepest work possible. It takes time to trickle down to the atoms, molecules & cells but the more space it finds available due to the physical biochemical detox release, the more space will occupy, vibrating the homeostasis of our body.

No immediate cure of symptoms should be expected, because these deep therapies do not focus on the removal or the masking of specific symptoms – but instead a systemic equilibrium, no matter of the type of imbalance.  Healing is subtle but irreversible. It takes lots of effort and time to reverse light coherency into chaotic one.


Powerful Negative ionizer exposure – 24-7 exposure in your room & necklace wearing

Ions are subatomic particles – out of which Negative ions are the next most important biocompatible element after light . The rich negative ions emitted by sea breeze, forests, running water bodies, certain crystals are heavily compromised by positive ions generated by electromagnetic radiation, radio waves, microwaves and other environmental interference. Replenishing negative ions is a health essential.

Our powerful ionizers enhance your health and accelerate detoxification & healing at all layers.

Homeopathic remedies photonic signatures (as part of the bio-photonic treatments)

Address the fundamental ionic imbalances of the pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, parathyroid, thyroid, thymus & adrenal glands – which, in that above sequence, control every other system and organ.

Ionic equilibrium is at the heart of nuclear creation. All creation emerges from the nuclear-ionic state.


Brainwave entrainment sessions with binaural beats & Sound atonement – A 15 min session self-administered 

Triggers the brain to emit its own alpha, theta, delta, epsilon, gamma & lambda brain waves PLUS a simultaneous transmission of all 9 Solfeggio frequencies’ session, balancing all chakras.

Ear Ozone Insufflation sessions of 2 min administered in our oxygen area under staff supervision

Stimulates the brain through the inner ear and unclutters mental fog, indecision, lack of focus, procrastination.

Plus our electrical parasite zapper device


Oxygen breathing sessions administered in our oxygen area or lobby under our staff supervision

Enhances molecular oxygen supply, fortifying molecular detoxification inside cellular tissues, while loosening up emotional reaction patterns.

Ear Ozone Insufflation sessions of 2 min administered in our oxygen area under staff supervision

The 3rd atom of ozone (03) once it comes in contact with bodily tissue splits into molecular oxygen 02) and atomic oxygen (0). The 02 oxygen molecule does its detox work but most importantly the loose 0 triggers a cascade of even faster detox work.

Plus the rest of our oxygen enhancement in our biochemical detox : transdermal ozone sessions, stabilized oxygen spray, oxygen-magnesium powder, Oxygenated colonics.


Senolytic precursor compounds – NMN, Resveratrol, Fisetin, Spermidine, Quercetin taken in large doses daily

Intensifies molecular autophagy, combating of cellular senescence & reprogramming of ATP metabolism – through senolytic precursors, which cause the body to generate NAD+ and other associated metabolic compounds.

Plus the rest of our biochemical detox programs ingredients : psyllium & bentonite intestinal detox substances, herbal, trace mineral & other supplements.

All other inclusions as described in the corresponding Biochemical detox programs below

No immediate cure of symptoms should be expected, because these deep therapies do not focus on the removal or the masking of specific symptoms – but instead a systemic equilibrium, no matter of the type of imbalance.

The photonic activation of your light coherence will start its transformative work instantly but that light coherence would first align your nuclear/ionic state, then your atomic state, then the molecular & finally the cellular one. This is a process that would take several months to manifest gravitationally, although you will most likely detect shifts within weeks. Physical detox & lifestyle changes will support the conversion of gravitational space which will be penetrated by photonic fields.

Healing will unfold in subtle but irreversible ways. It will take lots of effort and time to reverse light coherency back into chaotic one.

All self-administered sessions are taking place in our special Photonic Activation Haven room, under the instructions & supervision of our trained staff operators.

A certain 2-day and 3-day cyclical rotation among sessions & treatments throughout the program is designed in such a away, so it can penetrate deeply and then allow time for a) the detox release & b) the processing & absorption of the respective activations.

We don’t want to just scratch the surface – but also don’t want to overload the processing capacity of the body at all layers.

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