Detox Program Inclusions

Detox Program Inclusions

Detox Program Inclusions at Health Oasis Resort

Comprehensive Health Basket:

Oxygen Magnesium – to cleanse the small intestine

The HEAL detox herbal tonic – mix of premium practitioner-grade liquid herbs taken sublingually

Chlorophyll – Highly alkalising, and also has a strong anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effect.

Psyllium & Bentonite shakes – to draw and eliminate deep tissue toxins via the colon

Spirulina – 100 essential nutrients, amino acids & essential fatty acids

Guarana – for a boost of extra energy

Male/Female Herbal Tonic – special male or female herbal formulas to support hormonal & endocrine systems

Colloidal Silver – for immune system stimulation

Ocean Minerals – for balancing essential trace minerals

Oxygen – stabilised oxygen for blood oxygenation

Aromatherapy Body Spray – for emotional & chakra balancing

H2O2 Body Spray – for oxygen absorption via the skin

Skin Brush – for blood & lymph stimulation & aids elimination of dead skin tissue

Other Inclusions:

Mild juices, clear soups & herbal teas – for a stable energy and nutrient source during the detox

Self-Administered Colonics – for complete removal of toxins and blood oxygenation

Morning Yoga & Afternoon Meditation Classes Available to our detox guests

Polarity Zapping – for vibrational parasite cleansing

Vibrational Blood Cleansing – for elimination of pathogens from the bloodstream as well as supporting circulation/blood flow

Ultimate Relaxation Device – Whole body relaxation device which loosens the joints, spine & muscles of the body as well as calming the nervous system

Lymphasizing Trampoline – for deep cleansing of the lymph system

Herbal Steam – for lymph & lung detoxification via the skin

Accommodation – included in program prices

Heavy-Metal Zeolite – Binds & chelates heavy metals & chemicals, safely removing them out of the body.

(Total Transformation programs only)

Weight Loss Herbs & Stevia – Resets & supports the endocrine system which regulates blood sugar levels, metabolism and fat storage.

(Weight Loss or Total Transformation programs only)

Anti-Candida Herbs – Eliminates candida, bacteria, yeast and parasites from the body.

(Candida or Total Transformation programs only)

Liver Support Herbs – Aids, heals, protects & supports liver function. The liver is a vital organ for many body systems including digestion, hormones, detoxification and many more.

(Liver or Total Transformation programs only)

Anti-Stress & Burn Out Herbs  To restore and revitalise the adrenal glands, immune & nervous system. Important for fatigue, low energy, burn out and stress.

(Anti-Stress/Burn Out or Total Transformation programs only)

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