Our Sophisticated Detox Programs

Our Sophisticated Detox Programs


Our Sophisticated Detox Programs

We have pioneered novel detox systems since 1997. Investigating & Experimenting with the latest scientific biochemical discoveries is consistently leading us to use the most advanced techniques in comparison with any other detox center.

Here are some of our key distinctions of Our Sophisticated Detox Programs:

  • Flood the bloodstream with Oxygen – to magnify detoxification through:
  • Stabilised oxygen – taken orally as an atomized spray to instantly enter the bloodstream.
  • Magnesium oxide powder – taken orally, for oxygen absorption into the bloodstream through the walls of small & large intestines.
  • Oxygenated colonics with H2O2 – for instant absorption in the bloodstream via the colon walls.
  • Ozone transdermal treatments – to transport oxygen into the bloodstream through the skin.
  • Liquid herbal extracts – far superior in potency than capsules & tablets used everywhere else. Taking tablets or capsules during fasting, means that tabs/caps must be digested & broken down –  by producing gastric juices, which stops or significantly interferes with the fasting process.  
  • Sublingual administration of all herbs & supplements – in atomized spray or liquid droppers. Held under the tongue for 30-60’’,enter directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the lengthy process of absorption through the stomach with no therapeutic potency lost.
  • Fructose-free juices & teas – to pause entirely the glucose/fructose metabolism and shift the body into steady ketosis state, which repair cellular mitochondria & boosts metabolism.
  • Intentional activation of all 5 tastes – to stimulate, through the tongue sensors, all the main organ equilibrium & their respective energy meridians.
  • Psyllium husks ground into powder – for smoother blending in the shake with the bentonite clay.
  • Rectally administered probiotics – for rapid & complete reintroduction of intestinal flora in the intestines , rather than be orally taken & destroyed in the stomach before they reach the intestines.
  • Space colonics at least 9 hours apart  for optimal efficiency
  • Starting the detox with Magnesium oxide – The magnesium liquifies & flushes out undigested food in the stomach & small intestine and fecal matter in the large intestine -speeding the deep tissue detox by at least 36 hours. In the mean time the oxygen/oxide component releases its oxygen through the entire intestinal tract and is absorbed by the blood vessels behind the intestinal walls. 
  • Polarity zapping – by electrically stimulate the thymus gland to eliminate quickly parasitical pathogens.

After a long research & experimentation and in order to utilize & share the latest scientific discoveries, we are launching new highly advanced detox programs. We name them: 

1.Core Cellular      2.Deep Molecular     3.Atomic, Nuclear & Photonic     4.Light & Sound Programs

and are made available from the 20th of April 2024 

Our Atomic, Nuclear & Photonic Program is the detox of the future – available NOW

A complete Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Detox 

poised to revolutionize the detox field & health field in general

We take you in a journey through

Light, Sound, Ionization, Oxygen & Senolysis

to activate and synthesise

your Spiritual, Cognitive, Emotional & Physical expressions

into an integrated Quantum identity

Any imbalance at any layer, is basically a photonic light incoherence. Activating our photonic light field, cause light to rush to fill any newly made space across all layers: We enhance the opening up of that space via:

Combined with all the inclusions (ingredients, devices & treatments) of our current biochemical detox programs, our Atomic, Nuclear & Photonic  program acts as a top-down detox approach, complementing the bottom-up approach of our current  Biochemical detox.

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