Policies of Health Oasis Resort

Policies of Health Oasis Resort



We can only accept reservations made through our website booking forms and email correspondence. A reservation will be deemed confirmed only after we explicitly confirm it after all details have been clarified via email correspondence. We cannot accept reservations made via telephone, social media or other forms. Even if a request is made under different form it will have to be confirmed by email correspondence in order to be valid.


We don’t issue any special confirmation vouchers. Our entire email history correspondence is the evidence of the specific terms and conditions of your particular reservation as it entails all information discussed and agreed upon. Although is not necessary you may wish to carry a print out with you in order to facilitate communication with the front desk.

Depending on our expected availability due to the season or type of accommodation requested, a deposit may be required to obtain a confirmed reservation. We will notify you if a deposit would be necessary. If we do so, please read the cancellation policy before making a reservation request.


Rates of Rooms, Programs and other services as well as Promotional offers and Discounts are valid as published on our website and may change from time to time without prior notice. However rates and discounts for confirmed reservations will be retained as they have been agreed in our final confirmation email. Only exception is when a customer modifies their program while at the resort, then any discounts will need to be adjusted also.

Rates are inclusive of all taxes and service charges.

We don’t surcharge for credit card payments with the exception of refunds, whereby a 4% processing fee is deducted from the refund amount, because we cannot recover that fee.

Our website published rates apply ONLY when you book directly with us rather than through any agents or affiliates of Health Oasis Resort, all of whom set up their own pricing and we are not responsible or liable for those. Our obligations refer to the exact services and prices you have arranged with them as they are stated in their website. In case of any discrepancy you may encounter you will have to take it up with the agency you have booked through and not with us.


Maximum of two persons per room is allowed. Exceptions are the deluxe/suite rooms and also young children sharing the bed with an adult. In these cases the exact number of people allowed will need to be stated and confirmed via email. No outside guests are permitted inside the guest rooms without prior approval from management.


If a deposit is required in order to confirm a reservation, you’ll be notified before final confirmation. The amount varies depending on the program/room booked. We can only receive payment of deposits via direct bank transfer or PayPal.

Direct bank transfers needs to be sent only in Thai Baht. The amount we credit you with is the amount received, not what you send in your own currency. Therefore ensure to instruct your bank to send the funds in Thai Baht net of all wire transfer fees. Please send a scan of your transfer by email, so we can trace your payment. Allow a few working days for clearance of the funds on our side. PayPal payments will have to be sent only in Thai Baht and the amount we credit you with would be the amount received, not what you sent in your own currency. Therefore ensure that you send the funds in Thai Baht net of all transfer fees. Make sure that you send a copy of your confirmed PayPal payment via email, so we can trace your payment.

Refunds of Deposit

– Until 30 days from the booked arrival date, refund will be 100% of payment made minus all our banking or PayPal charges. Note: we will refund the exact amount of Thai Baht we have received minus the charges of transferring back that amount exclude the credit card processing fees.

– Until 10 days from the booked arrival date, refund will be 50% of payment made –minus the banking or PayPal charges.

– Less than 10 days from the booked arrival date, there would be no refund.

Allow 4-6 weeks for the processing of the refund until the amount shows back on your credit card statement. Reasons for this are the billing cycle of your credit card company and processing time of the bank.

Remember that most likely you won’t be asked for a deposit unless we face a full occupancy or you request a deluxe or suite room that is of limited supply. So if we do request it, this means that we’ll potentially face a serious loss from a possible cancellation, and we want to ascertain that you will commit to your reservation before you make it.


All programs have to be paid in full before the commencement of the respective booked program.

These are NON refundable.

We can only accept payments with VISA or MasterCard. Payments for programs, accommodation or any other services for any amount above 1,000 THB will only be accepted via credit card. We can not accept any payments above 1,000 baht in Cash. Prior to your arrival please allow sufficient funds in your credit card to cover the expenses of your stay and program. If for any reason you think your Credit Card limit may be exceeded during your trip, you may make a partial or full payment by bank transfer or PayPal prior to your arrival.

We implement this change of utilising solely electronic means of payment for logistical & administrative reasons of efficiency, security and the elimination of any disputes.

In exceptional circumstances and only at our discretion, if you decide to cut your program short and wish to leave, we may allow the remaining credit to be converted into a voucher valid for 12 months. This voucher can only be used towards a future detox program, either for yourself or to transfer to anyone –upon our prior notification. An alternative option if you decide to cut your program short, is to continue staying in the accommodation for the remaining days of your booked program, and to utilise the resort services that were included in your program (ie. yoga, steam room, health devices etc…)

There are a range of products and services that are included as a part of the detox packages including (colonics, shakes, herbs, supplements, yoga classes, massage and other parts of the detox package) These can only be used during the specified period in which the detox program was originally booked. They can not be used as credit or transferred to be used at a later date after a detox program has finished or to anyone else. Also the guest is free to use as much or little of them as they feel comfortable with. However note that we can not deduct or modify the program rate if they choose not to use any of these products or services.

If participating in the ODDF, it will effectively replace the selected day/s of the normal detox program. Any components that were not used during that normal detox day can not be used at a later date during or after the program.


Check in time is 14:00 and check out 12:00 noon. However if we have availability you won’t be charged for an early check in or a late check out.

For late arrivals or departures after 20:00 or before 08:00 please notify us in advance. On early departures, settlement of bills has to be completed on the previous day before 16:00

Extensions of stay are possible but subject to availability.


Any airport transfers a guest requests and we facilitate are contracted by a reliable taxi company. Free airport transfers are offered only for guests who take part in a paid detox program. Free transfers apply to and from the airport only. Any transfer that are NOT directly to and from the airport will need to be confirmed. Extra charges may apply. In the event that a guest decides to cancel their program on arrival, the taxi would be chargeable. If the guest is unable to claim the transfer (eg not providing sufficient time for us to book it, didn’t follow clear pick-up instructions etc) this can not be claimed as credit or transferred to another guest. Regarding paid transfers, in the event a guest does not follow the clear instructions/designated pick up spot, changes the pickup time or place with less than 2 hours notice or misses the driver and then takes an alternative taxi, this will incur the full taxi transfer fee.


Is only applicable in the room category that is included in your program. Upgrade fee may apply. In the event that a guest uses/claims the 1 night before program then decides to cancel their program on arrival, the “free night before program” will be chargeable at full room rate NOT at the before/after program rate.




We have a strict non-smoking policy, which includes the rooms, the balconies, and all other public places within the compound of the resort. It is imperative that you respect the right of other guests to not be subjected to smoking. If you need to smoke please ask our staff to show you the designated areas where it is allowed without disturbing other guests. Primarily it is fine to smoke at the beach (but at least 20 m away from other guests) or at the open air parking lot.

Guest Belongings

We humbly suggest that all guests make use of the in-room safe during their stay. Health Oasis Resort will not be held responsible for any stolen or lost items.


Laundry service is offered free of charge for guests participating in a paid detox program during program days only. Anything before or after this will be chargeable at THB 80/kilo. Please note we have a separate laundry policy, ask with reception.


No loud noises caused by talking, music, movies or any other source are allowed between 21:00 and 09:00  inside or outside your room within the resort grounds.


It is important that you remain focused on your detox program, which is the reason you have come here, while also respecting the rights of others to do so. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that you refrain from any stirring conversations with other guests over issues that may disturb you. You may take these issues privately with the front desk or the manager but not discussing them in an inflammatory way with other guests. Remember that it is your right to have your own experience but you have no right to impose that experience on others in order to confirm your righteousness. Failure to do so, will be considered an important breach of our policy and may result at the management’s decision to cancel your booking and terminate your stay at the resort immediately with no refund or other compensation.

Abusive Behaviour

We have a strict policy regarding any abusive behaviour directed towards our staff. We do not tolerate it under any circumstances, either online or in person. In the event of such behaviour the guest booking will be terminated immediately and the guest will be asked to leave the premises with no refund or compensation.


Taking certain pharmaceutical drugs, laxative based teas/supplements or use of machine based high pressure colonic irrigation are strictly contraindicated during a fasting detox. Under no circumstances can any guest under our care partake in them. Furthermore management reserves the right to stop the program of the guest if they are found partaking in them. If there is any doubt in regards to these treatments or supplements, please discuss with the health managers. Alternatively guests are encouraged to do them before or after their program.

Following the schedule

Please follow the schedule of your detox program and take the recommended number of supplements/colonics etc at the recommended times. Please note this schedule is a culmination of 20+ years of experience in detox industry and is designed to facilitate a smooth and comfortable detox program. If guests choose to deviate or modify the schedule by removing or adding certain elements or services, Health Oasis Resort will not be held responsible for any complications as a result of this. In situations where a guest chooses to seek external medical care, treatments and/or recommendations while on the detox, Health Oasis Resort will not be financially responsible for the cost and/or effects it may incur, nor any refunds/reimbursements resulting from the guest deciding to stop the detox.

Hotel Resort Property

Upon check-in, we will hold a 1000 baht security charge. Upon check-out housekeeping will check for any damage or missing items. If any items in the guest rooms go missing during a stay, guests will be charged the amount it costs to replace these item/s. This includes missing/damaged remotes, bedding, towels, fixtures, furniture, lights, mirrors, etc. We are a small family-run business and have created a space to be enjoyed and respected. As we will do our best to serve you, please return the courtesy. If none of the items are missing and there is no damage, the 1000 baht will be returned. Prices for any missing/damaged items is as follows:

• Bedsheets/Linen – ฿700 • Bed Runner – ฿450 • Tissue Box – ฿300 • Bath Mats – ฿300 • Cushions – ฿300 each • Bath Towels – ฿400 each • Pool Towels – ฿450 each • Face Towels – ฿200 each• Duvet cover- ฿1350/850 • Key/tag – ฿400 • Lamp – ฿400/500 • Umbrella – ฿300 • Laundry Bag – ฿150 each



Please notify us of any medical or health condition you may have that we should know about or may be pertinent to the detox program you are booking. We will advise you accordingly or request additional information from you before your reservation is confirmed.

Please note we can not provide personal one on one assistance with colonics on a regular basis throughout the detox program. Please do not request this service as we are unable to offer this.

In case that there is an accessibility request (i.e. wheelchair accessible room), please contact us before submitting the reservation.


Any personal information received will only be used exclusively to make your reservation and successfully complete your detox program. We will not sell or redistribute your personal or financial details information to anyone neither directly nor through third party. We take your privacy seriously and guarantee that your privacy is protected.

Through our privacy policy the use of your personal information is subjected to confidential legal privileges.


We may update our policies from time to time without prior notice. Always check our latest version posted on our website. Please see our Privacy Policy here


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